My Little Ballerina

The past week has been a really hectic one for us because it was the first ever ballet recital of our little girl. She had technical dress rehearsal on Tuesday and the actual ballet recital on Wednesday night at CCP or Cultural Center of the Philippines. My daughter is enrolled in ballet classes under ACTS Manila. She has been dancing ballet for one year now.

United Colors of Dance was the title of their show and it featured all classes under ACTS Manila and also some of their dancers. They showcased dances from all over the world. My daughter’s class presented 2 numbers and she performed well in both.

Here are some of her official photos. These were taken for their souvenir program .

I am so happy that my daughter enjoyed performing! It is amazing that she danced in front of a full packed CCP!


  1. Mom-Friday says

    Wish my girl decides to take ballet too! Congratulations to you and Kayla! 🙂 THisis such an achievement!

  2. Your daughter is so pretty in her ballet dress.

    Congratulations to both of you 🙂

  3. Rachel Joy says

    She is too cute. I want to also enroll my daughter in dance, but can't find a decent studio near us. Oh well I guess mommy will just have to teach her for now…

  4. wow mare! ganda ng form nya ha. congrats!!!

  5. WAHMaholic says

    awww.. i hope we get to see a video! you are a super beautiful ballerina kayla!

  6. MommaFinally says

    awww she's pretty mare. sana makita ko siya one day na nag p perform.

  7. Genejosh says

    wow galing!!! she's so beautiful..the future ballerina of the Philippines!

  8. Charlotte's Mom says

    Wow Congrats Kyla…you're really pretty in your ballet dress…gusto ko rin i enroll si Charlotte sa Ballet Class mahilig kase sumayaw un eh…kaso wala pakong mahanap na ballet school dito samin:-(

  9. Nakakatuwa to see our kids perform on stage! I bet you're one proud momma! By the way, what's MM's theme tomorrow all about? Thanks!

  10. hi! i just saw your blog because I am actually looking for a little ballerina like your daughter to perform on a debut of my cousin for the introduction of the program. Available po ba sya? let me know po.. here’s my e-add.

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