Postcard Exchange Project : Writing on the Postcards

We sent out many postcards last week!
Kyla wrote on the different postcards we sent… She has a special note for each!
Hope the recipients will like the cards and receive them soon!

This is my entry for this week’s postcard exchange.


  1. Hi Mommy Chris and Kyla,
    thank you for joining us this week. So cute to see Kyla writing on those postcards. Most children don't do that anymore. Information technology has deprived the young ones the art and beauty of traditional way of communication.
    Nice shot/photo,by the way.

    Blessings to you and to your homeschool program.

  2. Phyllis says

    Have you gotten our postcard yet?

  3. Jessica Heights says

    That sounds like such a neat project!

  4. rjs mama says

    i have yet to send my postcards. ang init lumabas ng bahay 🙂

    sis, join ka na sa Mother's Day Contest ha

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