Colorful Weekend – Cars

Here are some colorful cars of my son! He loves cars and can’t wait to see Cars 2!


  1. Yeeehaa!! I love cars too… and my kids love them more. 😀 They are gonna go wow at your Cars collection. My boy is gonna pester me with “buy me that” after this LoL. Link up na! Thank you for joining Colorful Weekend!

  2. Ate Keanna is excited of Cars 2 as well. You have a nice and colorful set of cars! Enjoy playing! Late visit from Colorful Weekend. HERE is my entry. My blog is still lonely, hope you can follow back. Thanks and hope to see you around!

  3. Una likes Cars too. Pero we don’t encourage her much on it. Baka masanay sa mga panlalaking toys. Most of her have wheels on it at dinededma niya ang mga stuffed toys, hahaha!

    Visiting via Colorful weekend. Here’s my entry: I love Sqwishland Pets

  4. Hi . How are you?I have a tag for you here. would love to know more about you. thanks

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