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Mommy Talks
Our guest for this week’s Mommy Talks is no other than Miss Patricia Bermudez-Hizon. 

Chris: Hello Patricia! Please share a brief background about yourself.
Patricia: Vince and I have been married for 7 years and are proud parents of Vicente who’s 6 and Paul Andrei who’s 4 years old. We are hands on parents to our two super active boys. I’m a sportscaster, a PBA Anchor and a courtside reporter, a sports columnist, writer and an events host. I’m the founder and president of the Everyday Is Your Birthday Foundation and the Director for High Five Hope. On top of all that I just took on a new challenge as the head of Advocacy and Marketing for Maynilad.

Chris: How do you balance your time between your commitments and your family?
Patricia: I’m in constant motion. By the time I get out of bed, or the boys jumpin on our bed at 6am gets me out on a rolling start, I’m on the move. I’m lucky that the office is less than 3 kilometers away, I can get out of bed and be in the office in 25 minutes. I multi task and I move fast, and seem to have this ability to get things done right away.
My husband and I sync our skeds. We usually sit down before we start our week and go over what we need to do, the events we need to attend, etc. Of course the goal is to spend as much time with the kids while we’re both meeting the demands of our careers. I’m lucky I get to bring my kids to the basketball games, to a lot of the events I host, etc. I love how I can be home in 5 minutes, so I go home for lunch or rush home when I’m needed.
Vince and I get to “hang out” a lot… Whether we’re out on a simple date, or are out with friends on dinners, etc. We try to set our meetings and schedules where we end up in the same place or area at the same time. It’s reallly tough but somehow we are able to pull it off. We just prioritize. God and our commitment to learn more and love Jesus are of highest importance, then comes our family. It works out coz’ He provides.

Chris: Are you a hands-on mom to your kids? How?
Patricia: I was a lot more hands on before going corporate, but I’m still in the adjustment period and slowly my staff’s competency is allowing me to spend less time stressing about work. Then, I am blessed with a sportscasting career that allows me to bring my kids to work and it doesn’t take up so much of my time. So I do get to be with the boys a lot still. We have so much quality time together, either on road trip adventures, getaways, or just everyday when we feed them, give them baths, waking up with them, tucking them in, reading the bible to them, singing out loud and dancing like crazy without any care at home, and running around in our backyard, etc, 

Chris: Can you share some stories or experiences about disciplining them.
Patricia: We used to give time outs and have time out chairs…. Now though we resort more to talking it out and to refering back to what they learned through bible stories… When Vicente throws a fit, I just say “Ephesians 6”, then he calms down and corrects his behaviour. “Children obey your parents in the lord for this is right… honor thy mother and father which is th first command with a promise….”. We tell them that God / Jesus would not be pleased and for them to think about their actions. Now tho they also use it on us. If there’s something they like and we don’t give it, Paul would say we’re breaking God’s heart.

Chris: What kind of mom are you?
Patricia: I’d like to think that I’m an absolutely loving mom. I express my love through words, and actions very often to the kids. I kiss hug and tell them I love them at every moment.

Chris: Do you have any words to share with moms who struggle with motherhood?
Patricia: We all are busy – whether we are hands on stay at home mamas or are career driven moms. Getting stressed, breaking down, and feeling absolutely drained is normal. When you’re at your wit’s end, all you need is a kiss from your husband and your kids, and the Lord’s comforting words.

This photo was just taken on June 12. We just went on a random road

trip, Got in the car with no plans, just a full tank of gas. This wastaken somewhere near the border of Rizal and Laguna, overlookingLaguna Bay. they had those roadside Sari Sari stores, and we hadsnacks and just sat there and took it all in…. We ended up drivingaround Laguna Bay which was 6 hours of pure bonding and 200 kilometersworth of adventure. We saw a lot of wonderful things, ate whatever wesaw was interesting, and just had so much fun.

Chris: Many thanks for allowing us to know your more through this brief interview and for being an inspiration to us moms!


  1. Wow she’s such an inspirational mom:) Thanks for featuring her marce, I learned a lot today such as sitting down before start the week with your hubby, qouting Bible verses in disciplining not just mere talk (i should start it with Hyzyd)…

  2. Patricia was my senior back in college, she was very active in the Student council then…didn’t know she married one of my favorite basketball player! 🙂

  3. You know, I had a chance to be with Patricia in the UNILAB event in 2009, and she was really a warm and sincere person. With the schedule she has, it’s really amazing how she still finds time to be a hands-on mom to her two boys. She’s really an inspiration to moms like us!

  4. Same with Tetcha, first time to meet her was at our tour of Amherst…and she’s so warm and genuine!
    Truly someone worth emulating!

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