My College Degree

A few days ago, De La Salle University celebrated its 100 year anniversary. It was quite nostalgic for me since it reminded me that it has been 18 years ago since I went to De La Salle University to take the entrance exam. I was wait listed for my desired course. My sister suggested that I ask for a reconsideration and try to take an information technology degree instead. so eventually, I requested for reconsideration for De La Salle University- College of St. Benilde with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Computer Applications. It is an information technology degree actually. I never really did well in my major subjects but I know that it was God’s plan. The jobs that I got afterwards were all related to information technology. So I have no regrets that I took that college degree, besides I have lots of wonderful memories that go along with college university years.


  1. …and you were lucky enough to have met my cousin in Benilde? hehehe..
    college life is the best. I too have fond memories of those wonder years.

  2. Yay for you for finishing college! De La Salle pa! 😉

    Spanish Pinay

  3. You graduated there 18 years ago? hmmmm, you might know someone I know. hehehehe!

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