Color Connection – Caterpillar

This is my first time to join Color Connection!

Here are some shots that we got from our garden last week. The kids and I were discussing about caterpillars and lo and behold, we were so glad to see 2 caterpillars in our own backyard.


  1. Lovely captures,Sis!

    Thanks for swinging by at LAINY’S MUSINGS.

    See you around!

  2. Awe! How interesting. 🙂 Visiting via CC.

  3. God always provides Chris so alam nya you are discussing the thing to them so He gave you guys those. Thanks for joining.

  4. nice shot sis..this caterpillar will soon become a beautiful butterfly

  5. HOw I wish, we’re nieghbors Tita, we have so many bugs and insects at our garden for Ate Kyla and Toby to see.

    Thanks a lot for joining and for the birthday greetings.

  6. ThAt was me Tita, I did not notice Mommy was signed in.

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