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A new month has begun and we have new themes for the month of July! Our weekly themes for the month of July focuses on places we often visit with our kids.
July 1 – Home
July 8 – Parks
July 15 – Restaurants
July 22 – Stores
July 29 – Family Trips

Let’s get started! Home is a place where we stay most of the time. My kids love being at home and I myself am a homebody too! 🙂 We homeschool so this is where we study our lessons daily too!

This is the usual workspace of my daughter and my son when they are studying or doing their projects.

I can’t wait to see your photos at your home! Share them with us at Mommy Moments this week!


  1. smarty talaga tong dalawa mong jewels mamiChris….:) glad to join MMs again!

  2. Right timing pala sa theme ang update ko sa NM hehehe. Very pretty sudy room.

  3. wow nice! mukhang school din yun studying room nila.
    sharing me entry here:

  4. wow! what a nice place to learn. kaya pala galeng ng mga estudyante mo kasi galeng din ni teacher mommy 😀
    here’s our home

  5. wow, what a nice study nook! i wish we have more space so my kids can have theirs too 😉

  6. Hi fellow Mommy! I am so excited to be joining your meme for the first time. I enjoyed making my very first post and I’m gonna try not to miss the next one, and the next, and the countless next pa! 🙂

    Anyway, wow!!! You’re homeschooling pala? Mine is still a plan, and I hope to fulfill it soon. Now I can tell that you are an expert na. I’ll hang around and find homeschooling resources from you. And I shouldn’t fail to say how much I love the rooms that you shared of your home. I’m sure effective yan in your children’s learning kasi para din lang silang nasa school talaga. 🙂

    P.S. Will following you here, and will add you in my blogroll, too! 😉

  7. Mukhang masayang mag study sa room nila lalo na pag may sarili silang study desk^_^

  8. it’s really good to have separate workspace for the kids. their spaces look like classrooms, but homey!

  9. WoW!!! Galing mo for home-studying your kids. I salute you for doing such a great feat.

    Happy MoMo.

  10. their room looks like a school room :0 very organized and conducive to learning 🙂

  11. Yeah somebody told me homeschool is really nice.

  12. I love your study area, parang sarap mag aral uli;-)

  13. Ang cute tingnan ng kids mo in their study areas. I’m sure they love staying, studying and spending wonderful time together in your home sweet home. Here’s my MM entry:

  14. a really cozy place you got there, mommy chris!

    MY ENTRY is here!

  15. Im so glad I found this site. I am a new mom and everything is new to me… reading all the posts here makes me feel like “im not alone” and it feels great to know…

    anyways, here is my first post.

  16. If I wasn’t working I would love to homeschool my daughter too… Good Job mommy… 🙂

    here’s my home:

  17. wow nice stories at park!!

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