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It is Friday once again! Where has the time gone? I have been offline for many days because of poor service by our internet provider but thank God we are now back online. Our theme for today is stores. Do you have any favorite stores with your kids? If you have any photo with your kids at those stores then feel free to share them, I personally forgot to take some photos so I won’t have any photos this week.

Our favorite store is BookSale. Whenever we go to a mall, this is a place that we always take time to visit. We love looking for good books at cheap prices!

Share your favorite stores with us at Mommy Moments this week!


  1. hello mommy chris, been a while haven’t been blog hopping. Thanks for the message I got from you in facebook. Yeah, my life has been topsy turvy and whirly lately…will keep in touch.

  2. we love to go to bookstores too…kaso alang booksale dito…ehehehe…:)

  3. btw mamiChris, is there anyway you can make the link “dofollow”? No follow kasi…just a thought of letting you know. Thanks!

  4. Kaya smart mga kiddoes mo Chris kasi sanay na sanay sila with book stuff.

  5. I’m the one who buys my son his books that he reads at home, so we seldom go to book stores together, but toy stores are what he really wants. LOL!

  6. it is great to know that they like reading books. happy mommy moments evryone!

  7. I love going to Booksale too. Some of my most precious books came from Booksale. That’s where we buy crossword puzzles and back issues of mags 🙂

  8. I love going to BookSale… but my kid still wants toys.. maybe when he is a little bit older he’ll probably visit BookSale… Toy Kingdom is the store for him..

    Check out my entry this week … Thanks!

  9. how i love to get into a booksale…dito saming province wala e:(

    have a happy weekend.

  10. Sharing my blog post here re my top 5 favorite stores…Have a great weekend ahead! See yah soon! 🙂

  11. we also visit the book sale just yesterday. 🙂

  12. mahilig din kami pumunta ng bookstore marce.. aside from supermarket, hang out din kami sa bookstore pa minsan2. 😀

  13. i love it there too 🙂

  14. I miss the National Bookstores. I love books myself, but here in the US, I rarely go to one, because books can be purchased at any stores, even at supermarkets as they always have a section for books, especially for newly-published. Most of the times though, I buy my supply of books online, mas accessible kasi and I have a huge selections to choose from.

  15. We love Book Sale too! And Toy Kingdom and Starbucks. 🙂

  16. I love Booksale, too! I can spend hours there just browsing.

  17. Looking forward to do the same with my kid, I love reading materials!:) Joined again this week Mommy Chris, happy weekend to your family! Godbless!

  18. hi, mommy chris! i love booksale, too. there’s nothing like the smell of books. that’s one thing that e-books will never have. happy weekend!

  19. i love books and I always drop by at National Book Store for latest titles. I hope my son will inherit my love for books.

  20. lahat ng bookstore, okay samin! omf is just very special kasi uplifting ang mga words…

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