Parentin.TV Terrific 2s Toddler Photo Contest celebrates its 2nd Anniversary with TERRIFIC 2’s: Toddler Photo Contest. You can email the photos of your two-year old baby showing his or her Terrific or Terrible 2’s. Send the photo with a short description to

The TOP 10 entries will be posted on the Parentin.TV website and two photos with the most number of votes win. Each winner will receive Ainon Gift Packs worth 2,000 pesos and other minor prizes. Deadline of entries is on July 30 and the last day for voting is on August 10.


  1. Terrific 2s! I like that as opposed to terrible 2s. Gonna look at my toddler’s photos for an entry 🙂

    The Twerp and I

  2. am going to join this.. thanks for the infos sis.. btw san ko pwede mkita ung photo entries so i can vote?

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