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Welcome to The Mommy Journey! This blog will be celebrating its 3rd blogversary in September and I hope to do some giveaways soon! Anyway, I am joining this week’s Weekend Blog Follower Caravan!

Hope you can subscribe to my feeds and if you do, do let me know by leaving a comment.

God bless you!

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  1. already an old subscriber here mommy chris!

  2. I am your new subscriber

  3. subscribed and confirmed…

  4. subscribed and confirmed . .

  5. I don’t put any subscription yet on my blog but I’ll try to learn more about blogging pag marami na talagang time. I hope to join the caravan too every week soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. old subscriber here. 🙂

  7. Followed and subscribed sis..

  8. Hi sis, followed and subscribed via emai.. liking ur FB too.. 🙂

  9. hello sis, subscribed to your feeds using zoan_badz(@)yahoo(dot)com and confirmed it already.

    hope you could visit my blog here: http://www.zowanderer.com/2011/07/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-18/

  10. Hi sis! subscribed to your pretty blog here. Hope you can do the same 🙂

  11. Hello Mommy Chris! I just subscribed to your feeds and joined your site as well. I joined once again in MM this week.:)

    It would be an honor if you can join in my site too.:)
    More Power!

  12. Thanks for the visit. I subscribed back.

  13. Hi Sis,
    subscribed and joined, ito yung entry ko, hope you can visit me as well. salamat.


  14. Hello, subscribed and follow you 🙂

  15. subscribed and confirmed.:-)

  16. HI chris, Hello, subscribed and confirmed using jluga3144[at]gmail[dot]com … see you back at my blog!

    Liked you on FB, please help me reach 100 likes for my FB page here; http://www.facebook.com/ConsumerMomTalks

    Followed too, hope you can follow back. Thank you!

  17. hi sis, subscribed here. What’s your requirements on Mommy Talks? Would really nice to be featured there. Thanks much.

  18. Subscribed, subscription confirmed…

  19. Subscribed and confirmed mommy…

  20. Subscribed and subscription confirmed (2nd email – Mirage). Happy Sunday!

  21. hi, subscribed and confirmed=)

  22. Followed, subscribed and Liked!

    Please visit back @
    A Positive Standpoint/
    When Vanity Strikes!

  23. Thanks for hopping to my blog and the birthday greeting. I subscribed to your feeds. 🙂

  24. Subscribed and confirmed!
    Here’s MINE . Thanks and see you!

  25. Subscribed, followed on GFC, and liked AGES ago! I’ve been a FAN since I started blogging six months ago.

    Have a wonderful week, Mommy Chris! I really hope to get to meet you someday.

  26. subscribed and confirmed!! hope you’re also a follower of my blogs!!

  27. Subscribed and confirmed using leciram071407(at)hotmail(dot)com. 🙂 Please visit mine at http://www.thelifeencounters.com/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-email-subscription/ 🙂

  28. old subscriber here, hope you can subscribe back..have a great one, mommy 😀

  29. hi, subscribed and confirmed=)

  30. hello sis, blog hopping from WBFC, subscribed and confirmed 🙂

    You can visit me at Pinoy Holistic Healthcare

  31. subscribed and confirmed using email levy.martinez(at)gmail.com

  32. subscribed and confirmed using cancerianpinay{at}gmail{dot}com

    Dalaw ka naman sa blog ko sis…late na kasi nagsubscribe hehhehehe

  33. subcribed and confirmed using jemimahonline{at}gmail{dot}com.. Sorry I am on the last day to subscribe I hope you can visit and subscribe also at my blog. Thanks!


  34. hi mommmy mis u here…finished!

  35. The only Daddy blogger here.. finished subscribing… pay back…hahahaha..

  36. Old follower on GFC.. 🙂 Subscribed and confirmed, Liked your FB page too..

  37. Subscribed and confirmed using pmbloggers at gmail dot com 🙂

    WBFC Admin – http://www.onlinebizandresources.info/

  38. subscribed, confirmed and followed. 🙂

    WBFC18 #40

  39. new confirmed subs here and FB page liker. mine’s up, too:

  40. Subscribed and verified with email geneinthebattle

    Please subscribe to my family blog Corbitoness.

  41. hello Chris, subscribed and confirmed..

  42. it chie here again,..i am back to subscribed using different email from Chie101

  43. Hi Chris. Just subscribed via email and confirmed. God bless.

  44. subscribed and confirmed! already a liker and a follower. thanks!

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