Colorful Weekend – Elmo and Friends

Before you click here, check out my daughter’s latest creations!

My son rediscovered his Elmo videos and started watching them this week. After watching, my daughter thought of doing these toys for her brother. She gathered old Sticko cans and put on typewriting paper on them. Then she drew and cut out art papers to the shape of the famous Sesame Street characters.

I really admire my daughter’s creativity and resourcefulness! Hope you like her latest art work!


  1. Super type! Old stick-o containers huh? *light bulb moment!* Very creative indeed. And so so so nice of your daughter to do that for her brother. Happy colorful weekend!

  2. hi chris!! this is a wonderful art! your kids are always as artistic as ever 😀 and they are getting better and better 😉

  3. Cute! I may have to copy this activity for my pupils 🙂

  4. That’s really innovative of her. We have lots of Stik-o containers because Una loves them. But she’s not that creative yet. Hopefully someday, she’ll make her own favorite character. Have a colorful weekend!

  5. I do love her creativity marce! galing talaga…

  6. wow.ang galing naman ng art works na yan. you have artistic kiddos mommy chris 🙂 visiting for Colorful Weekend

  7. So creative daughter you have. You are a one proud Mama.

  8. So nice mommy! Tap his potential more buy buying art stuff! Happy weekend!

  9. wow! ang galing ah! Very creative ah!. Anyway, was here for CW.

  10. How creative your daughter is! Love all 3 characters she made. Hmm, we have bunch of empty stick-o containers din so maybe me and my girls can start doing something out of them too:D

    Here’s visiting late for CW. Have a fabulous week ahead!

  11. This is so cute! I love the crazy eyes. ^_^

  12. Galing talaga ng anak mo mana ni momy 🙂 Mine is up too.


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