Family Time – Mall Hopping!


A couple of weeks ago, we went mall hopping. Literally!

We first went to Glorietta

then we went to The Piazza at McKinley Hill



And lastly, we went to Resorts World.


  1. hi sis!! ang lalaki n nila toby and kyla just ike my ishi and ethan 😀 katuwa…..sana hanggang magdalaga sila magkaka BLOGs p dn tyu hehe 😀 and mga kdis nmn ntin soon ay mag ka kablogs dn haha! 😀 so cute! so nsa resorts world k dn heheh ksama mo b other bloggers or just for you and your fam n pasyal? Have a nice week!

  2. honestly it’s my first time to hear about resorts world hehe 😀 san ba yun? i’m not updated
    thanks for the visit to my family time entry chris

  3. wow, all those three fabulous malls in a day? that must be a very tiring day but surely a wonderful family time together!

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