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Hi mommies! This week we are celebrating Linggo ng Wika here in the Philippines. Thus everyone can share any stories or photos about how your kids embrace being a Filipino.

When my daughter was still in preschool, they were asked to wear Filipiniana costume and here is her photo.

My son has yet to join a Linggo ng Wika celebration. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t celebrate and embrace being Filipino and the Filipino language at home. The Filipino language is actually our first dialect here at home. I believe since we were born as Filipinos, we should speak our native language fluently. Though I certainly think we can improve our Filipino curriculum though. 🙂

We also recite and talk about the Panatang Makabayan which shows one’s love for his country.

We also create projects which allow the kids to know and appreciate their country more.

Happy mommy moments!


  1. I love those creations Mommy Chris! Good job kiddos!

  2. not sure if my link went thru mommy.

  3. @chubskulit yes, your link went thru! 😀

  4. ay ang cute naman nito! ang galing galing…very artistic!

  5. Maligayang linggo ng wika, pinoy na pinoy. I wonder if my kids will be able to recite the panatang makabayan one day.

    Playing this week MM mommy chris

  6. i honestly cannot memorize the new panatang makabayan…hehehe… do they still recite it even if they’re homeschooling?

  7. Kyla’s so cute in her Filipiniana costume. I’m sure Toby would look really handsome in a Katipunero costume, too! Happy MM! Here’s my entry:

  8. great projects… artistic ang mga kids!

    mommy, inform lang kita. there’s a book buffet at scholastic. just in case you want to go –

  9. Your girl is so cute wearing her costume.

  10. Masaya akong makabalik dito sa MM! Nalaala ko pa ang masasayang araw ng mga bata sa Monarch!

    Maraming salamat at magandang araw!

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