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Making sure our kids get the proper nutrition is important. I hope that you can share some of your tips as to how you make sure your kids get the proper diet and nutrition.

Now that my kids are bigger, we studied the food pyramid. We discussed what each food group represents and why it is important to eat the proper amount of food for our body. So far, this worked with my daughter as she tries to eat different kind of food now.

I also make sure that they still drink 1-2 cups of milk everyday and that they have regular vitamins. I also try to introduce different vegetables and fruits to them regularly. We use coco-sugar instead of the white sugar when appropriate and we limit buying chips and chocolates.


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  1. It’s good that Kyla is eating different kinds of food. That ensures she’ll get everything she needs to become a healthy kid. Here’s my entry:

  2. They’re at the age right now when they know how important vegetables in our body and they also learned that at school.

  3. Full time ba ang home schooling nila Mommy Chris? Galing naman ni Mommy Teacher.

  4. variety is always important when it comes to feeding children. the food pyramid is indeed a good way to appreciate food better. as for me, i make sure sam doesn’t eat sweets before meals so that she has the appetite to eat. and you are right, limit buying chips and chocolates so that they won’t look for it. there are other healthy alternatives like fruit yoghurt and lightly salted pretzels and biscuits. 😀

  5. Healthy foods are indeed important towards healthy person. I am sure you are doing an excellent job to your own kiddos, Mommy! 🙂

    About the postcard, that is so nice of you to have thought of my daughter. Thank you for that po. Will send you my address once we can move to our new place. We are moving mid next month kasi, and that would mean new mailing address for me. 🙂

  6. Great topic!
    I have a 4-part series of blog posts on food and nutrition which I shared — i regularly go back to it when I feel like I’m going into a cycle of bad choices for the family.
    Health is wealth and it does take effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  7. It had been my dilemna that my 3y old boy still relies heavily on milk. I was a nutrition researcher for 15 years and all the stock knowledged I applied on him failed. But lately, for about a week now for some apparent reasons, he begin to eat full meal. I hope he’ll continue to increase his appetite and try to eat variety of foods.

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