Mommy Moments – Super Hero

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With all the super hero movies coming out, do your kids have their favorite super heroes?

Well my son says he likes Flash while my daughter says she likes Wonder Woman. I don’t have any photos of them wearing those costumes but I do have some photos of them wearing other super hero costumes!

Do you have super heroes in your home? Join us!


  1. I enjoyed doing today’s MM. Happy weekend, Mommy Chris!!!

  2. Kyla looks so pretty in her princess outfit.

  3. Chris nakuhanan mo nung palipad pa lang si superman 😀
    My Super Heroes

  4. ang cute ni superman 🙂 ate looks good too in her fairy costume.

  5. That was a nice Captain America costume and lovely fairy costume for Kyla! Wala bang mommies and daddies na nakacostume? LOL! Here’s my entry:

  6. I love the home made Captain America gears, so creative 🙂

  7. ang cute ng pink fairy mo.

  8. I’m all smiles while I was doing this week’s theme because the memories of Joaqui’s obsession with Superman all came back. The Captain America costume is so cute and Kyla is as pretty as a fairy : )

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