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Mommy Talks

August is the month when we celebrate world breastfeeding month. I truly believe in breastfeeding that is why we will feature a breasfeeding mom and advocate today. Jenny Ong is the beautiful mom behind Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. I have been a fan of her blog since I first read it. I especially love her monthly “Milk Mama Diaries Carnival“.

Chris: Hi Jenny! Please share a brief background about yourself, your blog and your business.

Jenny: I am a lawyer by profession, admitted to the Philippine and New York bar. I used to work in a big law firm, focusing on intellectual property law with long hours but decided to shift careers to focus on family. I am now working for a government institution with regular hours. I met my husband in college and we have been together since 1998. We have 1 daughter, Naima who is now 3 years and 8 months. We are expecting our second baby this Christmas 2011. I started my business – Mama.Baby.Love because of the dearth of affordable nursing bras and accessories locally available. My bra prices range from P300-P2,000, allowing me to cater to moms with a varied budgets. Meanwhile, I initially started my blog as a vehicle to promote my business. But it gained a life of its own! Most of the breastfeeding information available online is foreign-based. So I decided to compile information, tips, research for Filipino nursing moms. I’d like the blog to be a one-stop resource for new moms who want to learn about breastfeeding and are in the Philippines.

Chris: How did you start breastfeeding? Was it easy? Please share some tips on how to start breastfeeding?

Jenny: It was not an easy breastfeeding start. I never attended any classes so I was uninformed. Plus, the hospital where I gave birth at was not that breastfeeding friendly. Naima was also jaundiced at 2-weeks with the pedia recommending that she be put on formula. That started my problems with supply, nipple confusion, sore nipples, etc. It was through persistence, determination plus support from my husband, friends that I was able to get through these challenges. I would highly recommend that moms attend breastfeeding classes or seminar (not parenting or child care classes with a 1-hour lecture on breastfeeding), read breastfeeding books and keep the numbers/email addresses of friends/family who successfully breastfed on hand. Right information and support is crucial in the early days.

Chris:  Why did you choose to breastfeed?

Jenny: It is the normal thing to do for my baby. Why give animal milk when she is not an animal? 😀 Seriously, I read about the benefits and I was influenced by my friends and relatives who breastfed. Further, I believe that although breastfeeding may not be the choice of every parent, it is not only the best but the normal and right choice for every baby.

Chris:  Share some stories about your breastfeeding adventure.

Jenny: Breastfeeding is dedication and commitment. Naima breastfed until she was 3 years old and 5 months. I pumped for about 1.5 years at work where I was able to help set-up 2 lactation rooms. My boss has walked in on me pumping and I have breastfed everywhere – church, beach, restaurants, airplanes (all the time!), etc. etc. I was also lucky to have ample milk supply to be able to donate to babies in the UP-PGH Milk Bank, PCMC Milk Bank, Angels Milk Bank, to my niece and several other babies including twins and triplets.
The most touching and recent adventure I had in breastfeeding was in weaning my daughter –

Chris:  Do you have any messages you can share  to moms who would like to breastfeed their babies?

Jenny: Take breastfeeding one day at a time. Remember, women have been doing it for thousands of years and succeeded in giving their children mother’s milk. Only 2% of women in the world cannot breastfeed. It will get easier and it is the best gift you can give your baby.

Chris: Many thanks for sharing your life, your advocacy and your time with us. Be blessed!


  1. thank you for the feature chris!!! happy breastfeeding month! 😉

  2. It’s nice to read this kind of post especially coming from a mom who talks about her and family.

    Good read.

  3. Hi Chris, I like your feature here.

    But sadly, I can’t relate to it fully. I didn’t breastfeed kasi ng matagal. Wla kasi sa genetic ko un malakas un milk. So I had to resort to formula feeding.

    Have a nice day, Chris!

  4. Great interview, and very encouraging. I didn’t realize that 2% are unable. I wonder what happened to those babies in the days before formula?


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