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Happy Friday! This week we are going to share some fashion tips. This is a major weakness for me so I wont be sharing any tips this week but I would be so happy if you can share some of your tips?!

I definitely believe my daughter is more fashionable than I am..

She loves to use hair accessories…

She also loves to wear all sorts of skirts and dress!

Share your fashion tips with us at Mommy Moments!


  1. (I refreshed the page twice. Himala. Nauna yata ako 🙂 Ah well…. )

    Love those blooms on Kyla’s head. She certainly has fashion sense.

  2. at long last, naka-join ulit ako for your meme. nice get up for your daughter.

  3. Your daughter is very charming. I like her pretty headband. Kids nowadays have a great sense of style =)

    Thanks mommy for leaving the link on my blog. I don’t know what happen but every time I tried visiting your blog before, it looks different, I cannot read your blog properly at wala akong makitang theme for the week. Well, glad to be back here!

  4. Same weakness Mommy. I’m able to dress decently but have never been really fashionable. Little girl might end up growing in t-shirts, shorts and sneakers like dear ol’ Mama.

  5. aw,sorry, i got this theme way out…should be fashion tips for kids pala, hehe…naging fashion tip ng mami ^_^

  6. ang pretty talaga ni Kyla 🙂 remember Sati has the same pose like that of her 2nd photo.. teka nga I will include it on my post haha

  7. You’re daughter is simply pretty. She exudes the real Filipina beauty. You are right that kids are more fashionable that we are and used to be, ha ha!

  8. I’m not a fashionista, too; I’m more of a practical shopper, pero siguro it’s different when you have a daughter because there are lots of things you can make your girl wear, unlike boys. You have a lovely daughter, and she surely knows what clothes and accessories she wants. Happy MM! Here’s my entry:

  9. finally, i got to join mommy moments! i love your theme for the week! I envy you for having a daughter because masarap bihisan ang mga girls! still, I adore my son and I can’t wait to see his fashion sense!

  10. im back to mommy moments..
    your daughter is a fashionista too just like mine.. (^^)
    God bless..

  11. glad to be back here..
    your daughter is really a fashionista too just like mine!

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