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September is here and we are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary this Month! We have another very special guest for Mommy Talks this week. She is the author of Meet My Superdad, SuperBenj,  I Love You Yaya Handbook and Mommy Talk. She also is a multi-awarded actress and TV host. She also helps out with the family business together with her husband of 17 years Anthony Pangilinan: she is the vice president for BusinessWorks, a company that conducts motivational seminars for clients. She is also a Product Specialist for The Master’s Library, a consultant and trainer for The Parenting Company. Let us all welcome Ms. Maricel Laxa- Pangilinan!

Chris: Hello Ms. Maricel! Welcome to Mommy Talks! Thank you very much for agreeing to be featured today. I am so excited to start our short interview… so to get things started. Can you briefly share how many kids you have and what are their names?

Maricel: Hello! My eldest daughter is Ella and followed by Donny, Hannah, Benjamin and 2 month old Solana.

Chris: Are you a hands- on mom? Can you share some stories.

Maricel: Yes, I’m very hands on. Every detail of my children’s development from conception to delivery and throughout their milestones in life, I document, I’m a part of and celebrate with my husband. I am a wife and a mother and I consider both my highest calling.

Chris: How do you discipline your kids?

Maricel: I keep in mind the fact that to discipline means to train. Therefore, I train my children according to how they best respond to the style of discipline I administer and it also depends on their age. All of them appreciate being talked to in a calm and mild manner and respond well to being made to understand what expectations there are of them before a disciplinary action is given. They learn best when there are logical consequences for their actions. For example, if they went overtime with their use of electronic gadgets, it is most logical to withhold its use for the time being instead of grounding them from spending time with friends because it’s not necessarily related to what they did wrong. I have also learned that engaging them in a discussion wherein they are asked what they think can be improved in their choice of action produces a more conscious child.

Chris: How do you handle sibling rivalry?

Maricel: There is bound to be sibling rivalry somehow when you have a handful of children in your care..they all long for our undivided time and attention, etc. What we stress to our children is that we all love them differently because they are unique individuals who are special in their own way. We also try our best to spend as much time with each one on individual dates and carve out time each day to listen to each one’s needs. I make sure I am available for my children before they leave for school and I will be first to greet them upon returning home to listen to their thoughts and experiences throughout the day.

As a family we wind down together with a time to share our hearts before bed and pray together as a family. Those are precious moments that make our family ONE. We encourage bonding times among the siblings. Sometimes, the Ates and Kuyas separately and now with the baby, I also allow them to take turns caring for the baby. We also, as much as possible allow them to settle their issues amongst themselves and intervene only with the permission of the party or parties involved.

One that I believe has solidified our family teamwork is our triathlons which we do together. We train, compete and enjoy the whole process together. That’s why we call ourselves: TEAM PANGILINAN We Tri Together.

Chris: How do you handle being a celebrity mom? Were there any pressures?

Maricel: I find being a celebrity mom a privilege to be able to inspire mothers through my endeavors. Initially, there were lots of pressure to conform to the ideal expectations of people but after a while, I realized that I best inspire when I’m real-without having to pretend, I just am my imperfect me who tries to be better at being mommy.

Chris: What is your favorite “mommy moment” with your kids?

Maricel: Countless moments…everyday is precious. I document them in my journal. I am blessed to have my family. We are not a perfect bunch but we love each other and want the best for each other.

Chris: Do you have a message for other moms?

Maricel: Chill. That’s what my kids always remind me of. When I CHILL…. It is a manifestation of resting and being still and trusting all my cares to one who supplies all my creator, my life..Jesus. So I try to CHILL because as mom, I am merely a steward of what God has given therefore I take my marching orders from HIM and not do only what pleases me. I serve a master for higher purposes. That my children may know HIM and enjoy HIS presence. That way, we overflow to others and become inspirations.

Chris: What an inspiring message mommy Maricel! Thank you very much!

You may catch Ms. Maricel Laxa- Pangilinan through Momworks (The Longest Parenting Show on TV)for the Lifestyle Network (airs Sundays (premiere) 8:30pm* Mondays 3:30pm* Wednesdays 10:30am* Fridays 9:30pm* Saturdays 10:00 am). She also writes a weekly column for the Philippine Star called Mommy Talk (12 years and counting!).

note: photo credits to Ton Francisco.


  1. Great interview! Having 5 kids is already a feat, and to bring them up well-grounded and God-fearing deserves praise and admiration. She really an inspiration!

  2. What an inspiring role model for moms! We really do need God’s guidance in bringing up children as blessings to us the parents and others.

  3. i love MAricel Laxa… Soft spoken, simple and elegant… a loving and very open minded mother…

  4. She a beautiful woman inside and out, an inspiring role model. It’s a blessing Mom Chris that you were able to feature this interview here. I’ve been following her life story and am so blessed to know that she is a real follower of Jesus, and that she stays consistent being a good role model as a wife and a mother.
    I have a picture of her family that I cut from a magazine.
    I’ve used it in my class in Malaysia and now in Thailand whenever I teach about family life 🙂

  5. Hi, Chris. I like this interview of Maricel Laxa. She is truly inspiring and a good model to follow when it comes to motherhood. Reading this post also made me to reflect on how I’m raising my kids. There’s still a lot more room for improvement.

    God bless and Happy blogversary.

  6. silvermintstar says

    She is truly an inspiration to all Moms and a woman who lives in God’s purpose. The Bible says “A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” I learned a lot from this topic. Thanks!


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