Scrapbook and Photobooks

I admit. I am not an artsy person. Since I was a child, I have often tried to create artworks but they don’t end up being nice at all. Now that I am an adult, I still can’t create nice looking scrap albums. I remembered that I wanted to learn how to do scrapbooks more creatively when I had my first child 7 years ago… I tried to make a scrapbook for her but I actually was not very satisfied with the way it turned out.

I am glad that nowadays, there are digital scrapbooks available online. Smilebox scrapbook is one of them. Instead of thinking of the designs, I can use Smilebox scrapbook online and choose the existing neat designs. I think instead of the usual photo prints that I make, I will keep making some neat scrapbooks or photobooks online and have them delivered.

This is actually a therapeutic activity for me. Looking back at the year that has been and compiling the photos into one book makes me realize how blessed I have been and what great memories God has blessed me with over the year.


  1. I like making photobooks but I want it printed and can easily be browse anytime without turning on my computer.

    im not artistic too so thanks to this online software that makes thing easy for you. hehe.

    heres my post re photobook,

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