The Mommy Journey’s 3rd Blogversary Giveaway!

It is the 3rd year anniversary of this blog, which was my first ever blog, The Mommy Journey!

It has been an exciting journey so far. I can still remember starting 3 years ago without any idea how or where blogging will take me… Now, I am so glad that I have linked with many pinoy mommies worldwide through the Mommy Moments meme and even gained friends. As a way to celebrate, I will be giving away some gifts to my avid readers from Unilab, OMF Literature , Sassy Hairsies and Make Believe Productions.

OMF Literature is one of my favorite bookstores! They carry inspirational books which helps moms like you and me  in our motherhood journey. To see more of their books, please check their blogsite at follow them on Twitter, be a fan of  their FB page at

They are giving away the following books to one winner!

Unilab produces quality health supplements for us moms to be at our best. Know more about Unilab products by following them on Twitter and becoming a fan of their FB page

They are giving away the following prizes to one winner!


Sassy Hairsies creates great hair accessories for the young ones and young once!  Just recently, my daughter was blessed to have tried some of hair accessories and she really liked it! To know more about Sassy Hairsies, check out and

Sassy Hairsies is giving away Gift Certificate worth P2,000 to one winner!

Make Believe Productions is a theater production company founded in 2006 with the aim of building up, educating, and enriching the youth through the craft of theater. Aside from theater workshops, they also offer their services during parties and special events. Their roster of services include:

  • Facepainting
  • Arts and Crafts Activities
  • Storytelling
  • Story-Making with Children
  • Host with Interactive Games
  • Short Performances and Mini-Musicals
  • Interactive Shadow or Puppet Play
I have seen how they were  able to make a simple story telling event into a memorable one for my kids! Know more about them by checking out their website at and becoming a fan of their FB page at
As part of  The Mommy Journey’s celebration, Make Believe Productions is giving away Gift Certificate worth P3,000 pesos (applicable to any of their children’s party packages) to one winner!


Mandatory entries: (please do both to qualify, 1 entry)
1. Please tell me what is your favorite post from my blog and leave a comment on this post. Include name and email address.
2. Please post about this giveaway on your Facebook status and linking it to this site ( ) Please tag @TheMommyJourney and 3 other friends. Then leave another comment with your FB status URL.


There will be a total of 4 different winners. Winners will be drawn using manual draw.  Giveaway is open until September 25. The winners will be announced on September 29! This giveaway is open to those with Philippine mailing addresses only.


  1. My favorite post in your blog is “Mommy Talks – Daphne Osena Paez”. It’s an insight about Daphne’s breastfeeding with her children. It’s true breastfeeding is a skill and commitment. She’s lucky, everyone in the household supported her because I am not. My son is 5 months and 15 days, though. I am working on relactating again – milk loss. Hope, I’ll be successful.

    Elisa Valenzuela

  2. FB Status url:

    FB name: Elisa Quidlat

  3. My favorite would be all of the Mommy Moments posts. I’ve been reading your blog even before I got pregnant and I was so envious of all the entries of the mommies who got to share their moments and now that I already have Johan, Mommy Moments is something I look forward to every week. Thanks for that!

    Shirley Mae Tabora
    sm_yboa at yahoo dot com


    My favorite post in your blog was about Mommy Moments – Nutrition Tip. I have a hard time letting my daughter eat nutritious food especially in her age. I remember the food pyramid after seeing in your blog that my daughter didn’t have that enough nutrients she need.I learned a lot of tips from it in your blog and its very useful to me as a mom who only want for her child is to grow healthy and strong!
    Thank you so much!

    Ariane May Nalicat-Gamil

  6. i’m joining ur giveaway sis ^.^ will be back for my entries

  7. happy anniversary, mommy chris!

  8. hi Chris!Happy anniversary!

    My favorite would be Mommy Moments – Dear Mom post.
    I shed a lot of tears going through the mommy entries. And I finally was able to muster enough courage to write about my friend, tina, also which meant a lot to me.
    thanks chris!

  9. Here’s my FB URL:
    email: maithreeboyz(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Mai of MaiThreeBoyz

  10. My favorite post in your blog was ”The Mommy Journey’s 3rd Blogversary Giveaway!because it was my first time to join your blog giveaway and it is also your 3rd year anniversary of this blog, which was your first ever blog, The Mommy Journey!


  11. My fave post on this blog is the Mommy Moment – Nutrition Tip. I missed posting my entry for this meme, but I never missed reading the entries of mommies and I’m really thankful for their nutri tips.

    Dorry Lyn Tan

  12. FB post –!/dickvincedorry/posts/250901228284060

    Congrats sis on your third year! . . more years to come

    Dorry Lyn Tan

  13. My favorite post in your blog is your interview with Ms. Daphne Osena Paez at Mommy Talks. I have known Ms. Daphne as Breastfeeding Advocate, and I salute her for being one. Aside from being a working mom and a Celebrity she managed to master the skills to succeed in giving breast milk. It’s true anyone at first could experience difficulties in doing breastfeeding. We could experience soreness in one’s breast, scanty flow of milk and etc., but I do believe in seeking support to our families and most importantly have an optimistic outlook so as to succeed in giving breast milk. I do consider myself a breastfeeding advocate. I have a baby who’s 18 months old now and still I’m giving her pure breast milk aside from giving her complimentary feeding.

    Rhea Tavita-Chang

  14. michelle g.b. says

    My favorite post would be Mommy Talks. I’ve read and learned a lot from single moms featured in your blog interviews. Though they are single moms, working almost half the clock a day and loaded with stuffs to do at home and taking care of their little angels they managed to be successful both as a career woman and a mom. It shows the strong points of a woman. I’m always inspired of what a mom can do that has always been beyond our imagination. So happy and exciting to be a Super Mommy.

  15. Congratulations for the huge success of your Blog. May all the Mommies in every parts of the Philippines and in the World get the chance to read all your posts. Aja! Aja!

  16. Congratulations again and much love to all your Blog Posts. Keep them comin’.. God bless!

  17. My favorite post in your blog is “To Reward Or Not?” This is because as a sunday school teacher on kids, I was able to learn about Internal and External Motivation. Internal motivation for achieving or accomplishing something often makes them want to try even harder. So in teaching kids, when they are noisy and doesnt want to obey. It is best to create an Internal Motivation in them so they will listen and try hard or do best to obey.

    Shermaine Capuli

    Shared at Facebook:

  18. Happy 3rd year anniversary!

  19. Congrats on your 3rd year anniversary Chris! What a milestone. I wish you more success!

    I am joining the contest!! My favorite post is: To Reward or not! I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I want Sean to grow to be a nice boy and not a spoiled brat. So I don’t to give reward on every good behavior he does because it would seem like he gets paid for doing something nice di bah. I want him to know that his good behaviour is appreciated so I will give him reward from time to time.

  20. My Favorite post is the “Mommy Talks-Daphne Osena Paez. Why? Because, by reading it I got inspired to exert much effort to breastfeed my future baby. I am frustrated with myself because I never breastfed my son. I don’t have any idea about how to increase the volume of breast milk that’s why we opted to formulas. Now, I learned some trick that I can use in the future.

    Rosette Omana

    FB Share:

  21. My favorite post is Mommy Moments – Nutrition Tip. As a mother myself, I would like the best for my son, one of which is to be able to give him proper nutrition. Toddlers are usually picky eaters and its a common dilemna for us moms. I therefore would like to share with other moms what are their experiences on this.

    Gigi Beleno

    FB shared:

  22. I can relate sa family time. Yan ang madalas ginagawa namin ng boys ko. As a single mom I need to give all the attention and love kahit magisa ako. We go one place to the other. Maximaze the time ng lakad. Kunting gastos for food minsan pa nga meron pa kami baon. Makapamasyal lang at maiba ang view. Hindi naman kailanggan may bilhin na things when you go out. Its the paglilibang bonding is important.

    Corrine Emata

  23. I love your nutrition tips. Now a days we always forget and check what we feed our children.

    Charmaine Miranda
    gastgirl19 at gmail dot com

  24. Happy 3rd yr Anniv Chris! Your blog continue to inspire more moms like me.

    Shared liked and shared in FB

    Daphne Paez’ breastfeeding post is an inspiring article. Salute to all breastfeeding Moms!


    NICE giveaways…congrats on your achievement!

  26. Hi Mommy Chris I just joined your blogversary I hope tama ang entry ko here’s my FB status:

    and one of the topics I like was the Mommy talks of Earth Rulan, it somehow enlightened me about autism.

  27. I already like and followed the sponsors in twitter

  28. hi good day! i notice my link and e-mail wasn’t posted after i submitted my comment with the link. anyways to all the moms enjoy this very exciting opportunity to each and every one of us!

    Michelle Batayola

  29. Elinor Semira says

    My favorite post from your blog is Mommy Moments – Financial Tips. Great tips! I would try
    these out when my kiddo is a little bit older.

    Elinor Semira

  30. Elinor Semira says

    FB post:

    Elinor Semira

  31. Happy 3rd bloversary!!! Cheers!

  32. Leizle Demaisip says

    Congratulation on your 3rd Blogversary!!

    My Favorite is the Mommy Moments – Nutrition Tip. This post helps a lot especially to mom like me who have a picky eater kiddos. Just always follow food pyramid to make sure that your kids get the proper nutritions they need. The nice thing about this post is that you discussed with your kids the importance of each food group & the right amount of each food group our body need. I also love your Family Time -Mall Hopping post, despite your very busy time you always make sure you have your family time.

    Leizle Demaisip

  33. Leizle Demaisip says
  34. Min Viloria says

    My favorite post is Mommy Moments – Financial Tips. I have a three year old daughter and as early as now I would like to train her in financial management.Thanks for the tips. Will try it on my own .

    FB post :

    Min Viloria

  35. My favorite post is ‘To Reward or Not’ because sometimes it confuses me whether it’s right to tell my son that I’ll treat him to his favorite restaurant if he gives me higher academic grades though he already keeps his grades up. I realize that it is not the right thing to do instead I should just motivate him in a different manner. What really matters to me now is that he understands his lesson well and that he enjoys learning.

  36. FB post:

    Michelle O. Ame

  37. woppps sa na makahabol ako dito ;d

  38. Glaiza G. Tominio says

    My favorite is when you featured Daphne Osena-Paez since I’m also a fan of her blog. I became more inspired to continue breastfeeding my daughter after I read your article. And even until now as I work, I do my best to continue with exclusive breastfeeding. It is such a sacrifice but it’s definitely worth it! I will do everything for my daughter.

    Congratulations to your blog on its 3rd year! May you continue inspiring us! 🙂

    Glaiza G. Tominio
    FB post :

  39. My favorite is the blog on Toyota Road Safety Mobile Park. This was the first article I read from your blog and from then on I got hooked. The knowledge and experience you share in your blog is helpful to first time moms like me 🙂

    Belle Delos Reyes

    FB URL: sorry, i don’t know how to get it… help? 🙂

  40. My favorite is the blog on Toyota Road Safety Mobile Park. This was the first article I read from your blog and from then on I got hooked. The knowledge and experience you share in your blog is helpful to first time moms like me

    Belle Delos Reyes

    FB URL:

    Thanks Christine for your help! 🙂

  41. Mitch Carvalho
    FB post:
    My fave post from your blog was the Mommy Moments: Dear Daddy.

  42. My favorite post in your blog is “Mommy Talks – Jenny Ong”. I have 2 boys and breastfed both of them while having a career of my own….it wasn’t easy but I did it! All for the love of my children, I want them to have the best care I can give. Reading your blog featuring Jenny Ong made me go back to those good old days…..painful but fulfilling. I’ve always encouraged my mom-to-be and new-mom colleagues to breastfeed no matter how busy they are with their work.

  43. Oopps, sorry, forgot to include my name and email in my earlier comment.

    Gayle Sabiano

  44. Hi Mommy Chris, congratulations on your blog’s 3rd anniversary. I hope I can emulate this feat! My favorite post from your blog is “Mommy Talks – Daphne Osena Paez.” I’m a breastfeeding advocate, exclusively breastfed by daughter for 6 months then mix-fed her until now. Reading her experience and commitment is an encouragement to all mothers out there. Daphne is a fine example of a mother who despite her work and busy schedule still found the time to nurture her kids the best way – breastfeeding. She also proved wrong those people who say that breastfeeding would leave a mother “losyang.” Reading the post brought back the good old days when I would cradle Leia and feed her. Hands down it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a mother. It established our bond as mother and daughter.!/lany.delacruz

  45. Thanks for dropping by my site mommy chris! We might bump into each other at MIBF, if GOD’s will. BTW, Happy 3rd blogversary! I want you to know that this site was among the list of blogs that was favorited by me the first time I started blogging. Keep it up and GOD bless you!

  46. I like the posts where you share the parenting pointers you read especially the one about Teaching Values. I also like the feature you had of Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan on Mommy Talks.

    Cymbelly Marzan

  47. My favorite post in your blog is “Mommy Talks – Daphne Osena Paez”. It’s an insight about Daphne’s breastfeeding with her children,I can relate cos me too is breastfeeding my 5months baby girl.It requires patience (she bites!) but its very fulfilling and rewarding form of bonding between us.I believe that breastfeeding is the best I can give to my baby,Its the 1st step to make my baby grow strong and healthy!

    fb wall post:

    Arra Morta

  48. my favorite posts would be your Mommy Talks with Daphne Oseña, because I can so relate to her advocacy.

    Anna Villegas
    Email :
    FB status URL:

  49. My favorite post from your blog is the one entitled “Internet Addiction” because it describes in detail the harmful effects of the internet and tells how to tell an internet addict from someone “normal”. Thus informing everyone who spends too much time online to get help if ever they feel that they are already addicted.

    Lourdes D. Espanol

  50. 1. my favorite post of yours is mommy Moments Earth Friendly Tips because I believe that teaching children how to help save the earth is of great importance.

    Name: Joy Blanca

    2. Facebook shout out
    FB Profile/Name: Joy Blanca

  51. Crystal Lagman says

    My favorite post would be Mommy Talks because It gives more idea.Being a mom it was a big help for me to learn and learn everyday.

    fb post:

    Crystal Lagman

  52. merry jane ocol says

    I like the Internet addiction. I can relate on that post feel so down when I cannot use the computer I even use my phone to access the internet or even go outside and rent for an hour or two just to open my Facebook or twitter.And sometimes I even forget my daughters assignment and not to clean the house or do my chores at home.There is one time that my husband and I had this fight because of my addiction on the internet.But know I lessen my time on the internet.

    merry jane carbungco ocol

  53. Hi Mommy! I’m joining.

    Well, my favorite post of yours is all that fall from the category of parenting. Maybe because I am a newly mom who doesn’t have any idea on how to make a perfect relationship to her child. Yes, I do ask for tips and advises in terms of this role. And aside from it I do search it online. Now that my son is grown up it would be more hard for me since he now reacts on what I do and what i plan to him. well, i guess it’s part of being a parent.

    Name: Gessa Marie Condino

    FB post:

  54. My favorite post in your blog is “Mommy Talks – Daphne Osena Paez” because It gives a lot of ideas and tips on being a mom specially me as the father who lack of information because of work schedule,and not always at home. It was not for my wife but for me and for the whole family.That was our favorite because we support her advocacy.

    Adonis Cruz

  55. FB Share:

    This is my favorite post among your posts:

    I admit my kid is growing to be very techie. At 3 y/o he already know how to use the computer, netbook and galaxy tab really well. He loves computer games so much. I could use this tips. Thanks a lot!

  56. My favorite post is Mommy Moments – Dear Daddy. My husband is working abroad and as much as possible I try to make sure that my son knows his father.

    thess enriquez
    jarlraine at gmail dot com

  57. my fb url

    thess enriquez
    jarlraine at gmail dot com

  58. Congrats Chris! Wow 3 years na :)))
    Aside for your parenting tips and spiritual messages, what’s most meaningful for me is your Mommy Moments since it’s through your MM link sharing that we learned more about each other and eventually met in person.

    Michelle Lim
    mymomfriday at gmail dot com

  59. parang gusto ko din sumali ah ehehehe will be back when I get the time to join

  60. hi chris!! just dropping by to congratulate you on your blog’s 3rd year! may you continue to inspire and bring online mommies together 😀 cheers to you!

  61. Hi Chris! Congratulations on your 3rd blogoversary! Whew, I almost missed your giveaway…It’s quite hard for me to pinpoint one specific favorite post from this blog as I like most of the posts in “Mommy Talks”. Gaining insights, tips and inspiration from mothers with different backgrounds are a wonderful blessing to me. Keep it up, sis. God bless you!

    Tess Abada

  62. I like your post about the Mommy Talks episode about Marilyn Alilang. I really inspired by her on how she handle life as a responsible parent while suffering from breast cancer. I always admire people with a strong will.

  63. Sorry, I forgot my details:

    Divine Caraecle

  64. I like the mommy moments-financial tips, well i’m a mommy of 2 lovable sons. My eldest is turning 4 years old this coming october while my youngest is 4 months. I will start teaching my eldest how to save money starting next year..LOL. Kidding aside, nowadays, mommies should teach and guide all their kids especially in money matters.

  65. Sunshine Rose de Guzman says

    Hi. My favorite post is under Parenting – To reward or Not. It’s very helpful to me. I am a first time mom here and we will welcome our child to our world Feb 6, 2012. Now I am practicing on how to discipline a child through my nephew. My nephew is very stubborn and sometimes I tend to bribe him just to follow what I want him to do. Sometimes even bribery is not working. Now I know that bribing is really not a good practice. Thanks to that post! Hopefully my baby wont be that stubborn =)

    Sunshine Rose de Guzman


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