25 Random Facts About Me

I haven’t actually posted much about me and after reading this on Candy‘s and Martine‘s blogs. I think it would be fun to post something about me for a change! 🙂 Then don’t forget to leave a comment: 1) Answer one of my 25 questions with an answer about you, and 2) ask me another random question, which I’ll answer. I hope to meet you! 🙂

1. Name someone with the same birthday as you. Ludwig Van Beethoven
2. What’s on your playlist right now?  Blessings by Laura Story
3. Where did you meet your husband? In Makati, at church.
4. How many children do you have? Two.
5. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people? Yes, many times. I used to join singing contests and high school programmes back in high school.
6. Was it love at first sight when you saw your husband? Nope.
7. What’s your favorite food? Baked Macaroni
8. What do you order at Starbucks? Banana Loaf and Chocolate Chip Frappucino
9. If you could buy one thing for the house right now, money aside, what would it be? Sofa set, bookshelf and some nice boxes.
10. As a child, what did you want to grow up to be? A writer.
11. Say something totally random about yourself. I was first hospitalized at 9 years old because of Hepa-A.
12. Do you watch X-Factor? Yes.
13. Did you have braces? No.
14. Favorite Social Network? Twitter  @christineamador
15. Where’d your husband propose to you? Over the phone.
16. Why is your blog called The Mommy Journey? I wanted to blog about my journey as a mom.
17. Do you speak any other languages? Chinese (Fookien, Mandarin) and Filipino. Though I would love to learn more!
18. What’s your favorite pastime? listening to music
19. What magazines do you read? Parenting magazines
20. Name one of your useless skills. I remember people’s birthday.
21. Do you drive? Nope.
22. What are your top five TV shows at home this fall ’11 season? Criminal Minds, X Factor, Revenge
23. Can you dance?  Nope.
24. What’s your favorite place in the world? Home.
25. If you could have a super power, what would it be? To be able to go back in  time and teleport!
Now, I’m gonna ask you to do two things in the comments: 1) Answer one of my 25 questions with an answer about you, and 2) ask me another random question, which I’ll answer. I hope to meet you!


  1. Thanks for sharing, will do this on my book blog too 😉

    My Random Question#9: more storage for my books, and more books for the kids.

    My question:
    Are there times when you get tired of doing all mommy-things and want some me-alone time?

    • We are definitely book lovers!

      Yes, I also get tired of doing all the mommy things. So when that day comes, I usually ask the kids to play by themselves and I listen to music, watch some TV series or just wander around Twitter… sometimes, I look at old photos and reminisce 😀

  2. 17. If you chronicle your journey as a mom, I chronicle my journeys with my son. Our blog is called Wandering (Mom & Son) Tandem as it tells stories from our weekend gimmicks, to out-of-town trips and epic travels abroad.

    My question: Why do you want to teleport and go back in time? Is there something you wanna change?

    Naks… ang deep ng question ^_^

  3. I loooove Starbuck’s Banana Loaf! ^_^

    question #8: Banana Loaf or Chocolate cake and dark chocolate frap ^_^

    my question: I would like to know about the most embarrassing moment of your life as a mom. naks, pang miss u ang question! lol ^_^

  4. @gladys not really, just want to go back

    @gie hirap na question, i cant think of any right now.. but will post about this someday soon 🙂

    thanks for dropping by! 😀

  5. my choice of a question from the list

    16. Why is your blog called Mom from Manila? my friends were thinking it was because of Francis M but it really was not…back in the year 2007, when you typed in Mom from Manila as your search words you will be given links to mail order brides or dating sites for Manila women…I named my site that way because I was aiming that I could get to the top of search engines and delete the wrong connotations about Moms from Manila being a prostitute or a mail-order brides..

    now my question to you..if you are a fairy godmother that could give out special powers to your 2 kids, what would you give them and why?

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