Making Christmas Memories

A few days ago, the kids and I set up our little Christmas tree here at home already! We also put up some decorations too. It is truly an exciting event for us. We only have few decorations but it is the family bonding that happens which is really important to me. God willing, I pray that every Christmas season, we would be able to do this so that when the kids are grown ups, they will have memories of putting up Christmas decors together and the moments we spent as a family!

As a family, we don’t really throw out parties since it is financially draining and our house is not big, but it is my goal to save up so we would be able to throw a simple party of thanksgiving and share God’s goodness with others. We can make simple Christmas Party Invitations and prepare some dishes. I hope that each member of the family would share how God has blessed. This way, we can encourage others to look back and be thankful for the blessings God has sent our way the whole year though.


  1. wow! that’s early… 😀

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