Colorful Weekend – Manga Exhibit at Ayala Museum

Last weekend, my sister together with the kids and I went to Ayala Museum! I heard that there was a Manga exhibit and the museum is giving some Japanese arts and crafts workshop for the kids.

I totally love Manga. Well, not all of the Manga stuff, but I do love the drawing. It was a delight to see the exhibit!

My daughter also enjoyed her afternoon of Japanese crafts!


  1. Hi Cris, wow ang laki na ng anak mo. When I was still starting 3 yrs ago, your site and model ko..ang liit2x pa nila.. and they are artistic too!

  2. Creative talaga ang daughter mo no? She seem to love arts so much!

  3. The kids look so Jap and totally blending in nicely with Manga. Gotta love Japanese art, they’re all so dainty looking yet fierce. And those papercrafts… I could totally immerse myself a whole afternoon and not know what time it is. Lovely colorful weekend!

  4. Hello there,Mommy Chris! I guess it’s possible to get some postcard (if it’s available online)did you know name of the artist??

  5. hello mommy chris! late visit here. Love the Manga drawings too!

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