Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router Review

Do you have internet connection at home? Then this is for you!

This is the Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router by Cisco! I have never tried a Linksys router here at home before so I was quite excited to try this router when I got it. I saw that this router is best for basic internet connectivity at home or small office since it is not only a wireless router but it also has a 4 port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection. Anyway, I checked the box for any FAQ or instruction manual but all I got was a simple guide as to how to install the software. The CD installation of the Cisco Connect software and detection of the router was very straight forward and easy to follow as the instruction stated.

I immediately tried connecting  several WiFi gadgets at home to see if the router can handle the heat! And it passed the test! I was also impressed that it automatically creates two possible WiFi connections. One is for the home computers while another connection is for the guests. You can set up a separate password protected network for your guests at home.  You can also set up the guest connection and control their access using the Cisco Connect software.

One of the features I really wanted to try was the built-in parental controls of the Cisco Connect. After attending an internet addiction talk a few weeks back, I became aware how as a mom, I have to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting my kids from malicious websites that my kids might stumble upon and also monitor their time online. I was glad that I can easily restrict internet access using this software. I could limit their internet usage by setting specific time when the computer can connect to the internet, especially during school days. It can also block certain websites! I am also glad that Cisco Connect was easy enough to manipulate even for non-technical moms out there! Though this can not replace an actual person being with my kids whenever they use the computer, I am glad that parental controls can help me “watch” and “restrict” the internet usage of my kids. Another interesting feature is that you can see the speed of your broadband connection through the Broadband Speed Meter included in Cisco Connect. You definitely don’t need to install any other software to monitor your internet usage and connection!

The router very affordable with a Standard Retail Price of just PHP2,595! It is available locally at the following shops: Octagon Computer Superstore / Villman Computers / Complink/ PC Express / PC Options / The Computer Authority / PC Worx. Check out the Linksys website for more information.

Inline with this review, I am joining Mommy Mundo‘s Giveway! I invite you to answer the short survey(3-5 questions only). If we gather the most number of survey respondents then you can help me win a Apple iPad 3g with WiFi unit!  We also will have a chance of raffling off a Linksys E4200 router (SRP PHP 8,995) to one of you lucky survey respondents! Replying to the survey starts today, October 17 and will be running until October 24 only! Duplicate responses are not allowed and the contest is open only to readers in NCR only. The prize will be delivered to the winner.

NOTE: To answer the SHORT SURVEY, please CLICK THIS LINK. (A new form will open). Please leave a comment on this post after you have answered the survey. You can only answer the survey once, if you have already answered the same survey from another contestant, you can not answer again.

Many thanks! I hope you help me by answering this survey and who knows, we might become lucky winners!


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  9. the linksys e1000 is great for starters but i personally prefer the e2000. the e1000 is limited to 300mbps speeds. this is fine if your internet connection is slow. but if you really wanna optimize your internet speed, use the e2000 its just a tad heavier on the price. but not that much 🙂

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  17. I’m not really familiar with any of those gadget regarding router,but I do believe and understand that these are useful for my work and especially it has a limited of usage for my kids for their assignments. Maybe by God’s grace I could have one of this amazing product.

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  62. I’ve been dreaming to have my own Linksys router at home so I could work in our room at night. But our budget could not afford it the moment.

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