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Our theme for this week is all about mommy’s favorite products. Now you can choose to promote certain products that you really love or you can choose to post about things you always or often use personally or in your house… I am sure we can learn more about each other and learn new tricks from one another.

My favorite product to use is my Acer laptop. It is now 3 years old now and though it’s battery is not functioning already, I am grateful that I have a laptop that I can use. Aside from blogging, blog hopping, Twitter and FB, I also use it as a way to destress by listening to music over YouTube and watching some TV series.

I also love looking at my photo albums. As far as I can remember, I have always been a shutterbug. During high school days, I would always be the one behind the camera so because of that I almost always am not in the photos but I love all the memories I have been able to capture. Now that I have kids, I definitely love looking back at their old photos. For our newer photos, I have been trying to create photobooks instead of the usual photo prints.

So how about you? I am so glad that you are joining us this week – glad to know the moms behind each child 🙂

Happy mommy moments!


  1. same here! fave ko rin lappy namin. it survived my son’s curiosity. gumana parin kahit diniligan na.
    my favorite things are here

  2. Our computers have no doubt become a serious part of our lives. Buying an SLR in on my list. I find it so much fun to do, a perfect way to de-stress.

  3. Our laptop is also my favorite product. It makes things a lot easier. I allow my kids to use it when I’m around or when my husband’s at home and they don’t mind 🙂

  4. ako ren, my favorite product no doubt would be the computer and the digital camera that we’re using. i think with moms, it would be the same thing since we all love taking pictures of our kids. i posted though about my online tools. hope everyone can visit. Have a great weekend, mommy chris!

  5. since I am a housewife most of my fave products will be home related. hehehe! for toiletries, my kids uses Johnson’s baby shampoo, nivea soap for my youngest daughter and safeguard for the rest of the family. I love my Denenes cologne. I have been using it since i was in high school. hahaha!

  6. ako din favorite ko si Lappy, our laptop. nice that we are really getting to know more about the moms behind the blog…

    here I get to talk about my favorites!

  7. I love my photo albums, too! Yay!

  8. You remind me to love my laptop more. We simply can’t live without our laptops. Happy MM! Here’s my entry:

  9. shared my fave product 🙂

  10. love to know your favorite products!
    Happy MM!

  11. shared my favorites!

    Happy MM!


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