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mommy moments

For the past themes, we have always focused on our children but for this month. We know much about the kids but barely know the mom behind so hopefully through this month’s themes, we shall get to know more about each other in a fun way! 🙂
Our theme today is about mommy’s hobby. So if you are not taking care of your kids and you are not doing work, how do you spend your free time?

We all know that blogging is one of our past times, aside from blogging, tweeting and FB, what do you enjoy doing the most? I love to read books. Even before I got married, I had been a book worm. I usually read fiction before but as I grew, I now read inspirational books. Sometimes, I also read parenting books.

I am also an avid postcard collector! I have been collecting postcards for the past 15 years though I stopped when I moved houses 7 years ago, I have started to actively collect postcards again this year. I have created a separate blog for this hobby of mine

If I have some more time, I love to watch good TV series. I sometimes watch Korean and Taiwanese series but it is not very often. I usually follow some American TV series like Criminal Minds, Chuck, Nikita and CSI. I am also currently watching a local series called Amaya…

I can’t wait to read your posts! Happy mommy moments!



  1. I like watching CSI too, OTH, Lost and local teleseryes as well. =)

  2. hmmnn.. I don’t have time to read anymore..

  3. My work plus managing the household doesn’t give me time to read books anymore. Before I didn’t have time to watch TV, too, but now, I watch teleseryes before sleeping so that I can relax a bit. Here’s my MM entry:

  4. Good for you Chris, I was never a book worm…
    by the way, you have typo error on 3rd par.: ” …I had been a book work.” = “worm” :)))

    I used to have so many hobbies pre-married life, as you can read on my post…but now, home management has taken over and I simply have no time to indulge in my hobbies, not even write about them. Aside from blogging, taking photos and enhancing images are my current pastime.

  5. Reading rules! Always will. Nice hobby, Chris. Of course I’m biased. I love reading more than doing the dishes or changing diapers 🙂 Wish I had the luxury of TV though. Maybe when I get lucky, I get to watch shows and teleseryes again.

  6. wow, so many books. bet u have great choices there. Mommies truly deserved a break 🙂

  7. I love korean dramas too.. (^^).
    Wow, those books are interesting to read!
    Happy MM!

  8. I wish I could have time to read again. I still buy books but never have time to read 🙁 Good for you, you keep up with these hobbies 🙂

  9. I wish I could have time to read again. I still buy books but never have time to read 🙁 Good thing, you keep up with these hobbies 🙂

  10. submitting my entry just now. I listed many hobbies and reading is one of them. Happy MM!

  11. yey, another book-a-holic! I envy your mini library. i haven’t set-up mine yet as i still have to build my own home. anyway, great theme we have for this week, thanks!

  12. add me to the growing list of bookworms =)

  13. Same here, I love reading books too. I have a lot of inspirational books which I read back when just to be inspired some more. 🙂

  14. match tayo sis when it comes to Kdramas ^.^ love watching them exciting kasi ung twist ng story nila ^.^

  15. i love our months’ theme…we get to know the person behind each post talaga! i also love to read,specially prior to being, most of my readings are from online sites…

  16. Love the themes for this month! Hope to submit early and not be late like the past month 😀

  17. Mommy Chris– thanks for visiting at mine! And thanks for reminding me of the address, too. Will send it via your contact page. 🙂

  18. pahabol! I want to be a post card collectore too mare 🙂

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