My Next Job

I wonder what jobs are now in demand in the marketplace? After being away from the workforce for the past 7 years, I often wonder what kind of job would I be able to come back to once my kids are bigger. I used to be an IT Associate but I don’t think that I would still be able to go back to the IT field since technology definitely has changed over the years. Maybe I can try to look at Computer Operator Jobs? Or maybe I can try project management?

But I really hope to do a work which would have an influence in other’s lives. I want to be able to inspire, teach or encourage others through the job that I am going to do. I still have a number of years before I head back to the workforce but as early as now, I am already praying and looking around for that job.


  1. It’s practical to start early. So that when the decision comes, you are well prepared and know what you really want out of it. I also agree with you that whatever work you do decide to go back to, it has to be rewarding and enjoyable to you. That way, it won’t feel too much like work.

  2. Even me, I was thinking of what kind of job would best suits me. I’ve been working in healthcare industry for several years but I’m not happy with it anymore. Then I switched to IT world, now I’m getting bored about the said field. But I just have to bear with it since I haven’t been decided what type of job is best for me.

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