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Living in the digital age, we have definitely seen a decline in manual processes around us. Just like in banking or in enrolment processes, we can all do it online. Though this may mean easier and faster transactions but we can also see a downside to everything.

It used to be people going to libraries to research but now everything is just a “google” away.

It used to be that one needs to learn the basic directions of north, east, west and south to navigate through a map but nowadays, just get one of the top 10 truck gps at the source then you are good to go.

It used to be that people write letters and send them through the post office but now, everyone is just a message away through emails or Facebook messages.

It used to be people meeting each other in restaurants or parks to connect but now, everyone can just meet virtually online.

I certainly don’t have anything against all the modern innovations but I do miss the times when you have to actually talk to someone face to face rather than just send them a message on Facebook. Times do change and we certainly have to embrace the technology and make it work for us. But once in awhile, let us not forget to engage our “actual” selves in serving and in connecting with others. It can make a huge difference.


  1. I miss receiving letters that are actually hand written by a person hehehe not system generated mails lol


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