Gratefulness in the Home

Gratefulness is a very important virtue that we all need to learn. The Bible has explicit told us to be thankful to God in all circumstances and this is a character that we need to pass on to our children, amidst our very selfish society. This is something that can not be taught just be reading stories about thankfulness but we need to practice it daily with them.

Here are some ways we can practice gratefulness inside our homes.

1. Think of at least one reason why you are thankful for your family member. Share it with the person either through words, arts and crafts.

2. Be thankful for blessings you received throughout the day. Let your kids hear you say thanks.

3. Do not over-indulge your children. Sometimes, they have to learn that “no” is the answer and they will learn to appreciate the “yes”.

4. Share the blessings. Become channels of blessings to others.

5. Whenever things don’t go your way, learn to still be grateful and intentionally point out to your kids to look at things through God’s perspective.


  1. No. 5 is a good advice but very hard to do.

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