Update on Our Homeschooling

The second quarter portfolio review is done! The academic consultant assigned to us was very happy with Kyla’s performance. She was able to explain her portfolio vividly and shared what she learned by answering impromptu questions from the teacher. She also noted that my daughter is now more confident in answering questions and sharing what she knows. I myself am satisfied with her grades but moreso, I am glad that she is enjoying school and actually flourishing! Character wise, I can see that she is learning and truly living out what she is learning.

As for my son, I am so excited that he can now read 3 letter words and write better. He only knows his math and basic addition and subtraction. He listens during our quiet time and character lessons, but sometimes, there are days when I actually ask myself if he is learning anything from our homeschooling. He needs regular reminder about character issues.

But whenever I feel like giving up on homeschooling , I remember what other homeschooling moms would say. ¬†They say that it will take years before you will finally see the fruit of your labor. Just be consistent and don’t give up. Keep praying and know that God is at work in the heart of our kids.


  1. That’s wonderful news and quite inspiring!

  2. Justin is like Toby in that he needs to be reminded every so often of what he should and should not do. Boys will be boys! LOL!

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