Difficulties in Life

Today is day 9 of being car less. Our car was hit by a mini-truck last December 18 as we were on our way to church and that incident has rendered our car unusable.

It is quite difficult to travel from one place to another without our car. It is also quite expensive too. So our Christmas vacation plans were put on a halt and we have been staying home for the holidays. I am grateful to people who has been offering us rides to get here and there. Even if it has been difficult for us, I am thankful because I can see how God has protected our family, provided for our needs and blessed us with family who truly supports us.

Christmas this year has been rather different. We had to sleep over at my in-laws for Christmas eve so that we can get to church on time on Christmas day. We also didn’t have our usual Christmas lunch at home since it was Sunday. But I am still grateful that we were able to spend the entire afternoon with my parents and my siblings. I didn’t get much gifts from my birthday and Christmas wish list like the  Martor USA utility knife or traveling to another place but having a complete family on a special day is enough for me.

Difficulties come to our life unexpectedly, but knowing that God has a purpose and a plan for us makes it all bearable and worthwhile.  I am thankful that in every difficulty, I can sense God’s presence in our life.


  1. Good heaven! buti sis nde kayu napano….

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