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Another Friday is here and it is time for another Mommy Moments post!

My little ballerina!

My daughter performed her first ever ballet choreography last Sunday at Children’s Church. She danced to the tune of Hark The Herald Angels Sing. I was really proud of her achievement! The steps are simple but the fact that she was able to put it all together in one song was really awesome! She taught the steps to her cousin and they performed together.

My daughter is the one in pink tutu. The Pink Tutu was made by Princess Tutu Collection!


  1. Posts like these make me want to have a baby girl, too. Hehe. That pink tutu looks great on your daughter. 😀

    Dropping by from Mommy Moments,


  2. She’s so cute, a promising ballerina! 😀 I wish I had a daughter. ;))

    Sis, I apologize for not joining in these Mommy Moments, but I’d like to resumre posting. Where can I see the list of themes?

    Keep at it. Thanks!

  3. This is a proud mommy moment, Chris! I also love seeing my son perform on stage. Here’s my MM entry:

  4. Woott!Way to go,Kyla!!Hinde na masyadong mahiyain si Kyla^_^

    Hello there,Mommy Chris!Nice to be back here again,hope to join again next week^_^

  5. gusto ko nga i-enroll kiddo ko sa ballet class this summer.. cute ng tutu 🙂

  6. what an achievement! i’m sure mommy is so proud. 🙂
    i like to enroll my Little Zoie in a ballet class too, i still need to find one near our place. hopefully, this summer.

    happy to be back here again. 🙂 joining this week.

    have a great weekend!

  7. That’s quite an achievement. Way to go Kyla!

  8. I don’t have girls ,all 5 boys including my stepsons. If I have,I want her to learn ballet too like your daughter.

  9. Wow! Cutie and pretty ballerina! Pro na pro ang dating! I’m sure she’ll become big someday, if she continues to excel on this field! 🙂

  10. Your little ballerina is so cute. She danced gracefully!
    submitting my late entry mommy!

  11. whenever I will see children who are good in what they do, I get excited because I can’t wait to know my daughter’s inclination, but whatever it is I will support her along the way. Seeing Kyla dance makes me wish on the otherhand “sana ballet/dancing na rin lang!” hihihi

  12. Wow, Chris! Kyla is so talented. She’s grown up so fast. Time really flies….

  13. Wow, so cute! My daughter dreams of becoming a ballerina. I should enroll her in a class soon.

  14. Ang galing galing na ni Kyla!

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  15. Congratulations to your little one! Such a talent and a blessing!

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