Mommy’s Choice is Lady’s Choice

I have never been a good cook. In fact, it was only two years ago that I learned how to cook when our househelp left. Now, I know how to prepare easy meals with the expertise of my hubby. I can never cook without recipes or without the exact amount of ingredients so you will never see me try cooking without the exact ingredients at hand.

I was very happy to see Lady’s Choice Mayo MayoMakeover videos and to receive some simple recipes from Lady’s Choice. We love Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise here at home, in fact, my daughter loves to prepare her ‘special sauce’ which contains mayonnaise and ketchup!

My hubby’s birthday gift for me a few days ago was his famous chicken salad macaroni. Lady’s Choice mayonnaise really made it more special.

Thanks to Lady’s Choice for sending us some recipes that we will try very soon 😉


  1. I also got contacted by Lady’s Choice saying they have a little gift for me but it has not arrived. Palawan is too far I guess 😛

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