My Daughter

My daughter is a sweet, kind-hearted and responsible girl. I am very honored and blessed that God entrusted her to my care. At 7 years old, I can see that she is intelligent and have been blessed with a good natured personality. Sometimes, I can imagine her growing up as a ballerina, at times, I see her as a teacher in school or a fashion designer or an artist. She may grow eyelashes, wear fashionable clothes and become a fashionista. It seems that the possibilities are endless for her. I know and I believe that she will grow up and be successful in her chosen field someday.

Today, I just need to continue providing her with opportunities so she can continue to develop her skills and talents. Just like her latest ballet performance wherein she choreographed a ballet dance for the second time. She performed a ballet dance to the song “Joy to the World” with her cousin during the Worship Service last Sunday.

I pray that may my daughter will continue to grow in the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus and may she fulfill God’s calling on her life. As stated in 3 John 1:4 ” I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”


  1. You have a very beautiful daughter Marce!! I am glad I met them this year.

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