Back From the Break!

After the Christmas season, it is always difficult to go back to day to day routine. Well, for us that is.  We are a homeschooling family and routine is important for us so that we can remain productive in our studies daily. After many days of break, it is quite hard to get back to our daily study routine of breakfast-get dressed- prayer and devotions – first subject – lunch – second subject and on and on and on… It takes a long time before we all get focused on our task for the day.

I realized that as the teacher, my kids look up to me to see if I am ready to teach them too! You see, most of the time, I get swamped with chores at the house, work that needs to be finished and our homeschooling.  Here are some steps which helped me to go back to our homeschooling routine after a long holiday break.

List down your goals. This is why I truly appreciate one of the top gifts I have received over the past Christmas season, the 24/7 Mom Planner from Mommy Mundo. I can list down all that I have to do for the day or the week and get them off my mind so that I can focus clearly on the task at hand.

Start with fun activities. We started with arts and crafts and experiments. We stayed away from too much writing and thinking on our first week. This will help the kids transition into their usual study habits.

Use the stories from the holiday season as a spring board of discussion for current studies.

Do you have other tips you’d like to share? How did your  kids get back to their daily routine after a long holiday break?


  1. it’s hard when your kids are getting back to school na kaya ako sinasabay ko p dn body nila sa routine nila..gising and tulog same time na oras…buti mga kids ko ngayun wayaw n mag absent dito. they love school. mahirap dn pla lkhit home school?

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