Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio

Last Christmas season, my daughter received a Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio as a gift.

My daughter loves drawing. As soon as she saw this, she wanted to try it out at once! Well, what can I say? It was really an amazing portfolio, aside from the pre-drawn figures of  female modes and some shoes, there was a section where color combination and color mixture was discussed. It gave a brief lesson on how to correctly  use colors. It also contains several stencils of  clothes, dress, shoes and accessories. I was really amazed by what my daughter was able to create a few days after she started using this design sketch!

She is very much interested to creating clothes and dresses. It seems to me that this sketch portfolio has helped her unleash her artistic side in creating wardrobe designs. I wouldn’t be surprised that in a few years, she would actually be learning about fabrics and she would know whether the fabric is a robert allen fabric or not!

It is very inspiring to see her create her designs. They are  unique and trendy! Definitely, she has  a fashion sense!


  1. Kyla really is talented!

  2. how cool naman nyan, mommy cris:)

  3. Marz, I really love this one! Where can we buy this? I want to get one for Micah too. She is into creative stuffs too!

    By the way, I got your planner! Thank you so much!! It’s love!!

  4. Wow you’re daughter drew that? Galing ha.

    Found your blog through Momaye’s Diary. Now following you 🙂


  5. That’s one of Ms. Burrito’s favorite show Mommy Chris. Kala ko si Kyla din nagdesign nung models.

  6. Hmnn… reminds me of those days when i am making my own paper dolls and their wardrobe collection. Keep it up!

    Btw, mommy,im inviting you to join: Thanks!

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