Following God Bible Curriculum Review

The beginning of this school year, my son who is in Kindergarden used Following God Bible Curriculum and Character Building for his Bible subject. We chose it as it was recommended by The Master’s Academy. It is locally published by ICI Ministries Inc.

The Following God series invites students to follow God and trust Him as their Lord, Savior and Friend. Each of the lessons shows a story from the Bible and blends it with values education. Each lesson comes with a memory verse, explanation what the Bible says, fun facts, fun activities and prayer guide. The activities include pages which the student can choose to color, words to trace, few mazes, connect the dots. Upon completion of each unit, there is a certificate which you can use to award your student.

There are 3 units  in the entire book and 10 lessons in each unit. This book focuses on God’s creation, God’s love and God’s help.

My son enjoyed the coloring activity at the beginning of the course but eventually got tired of it.The lesson seems simple enough for kindergarden kids but I think it lacks depth and isn’t engaging the students enough to actually remember the lessons each time. For homeschool, I think you need to supplement this curriculum with other materials to make it more interesting.  This would make a good Sunday school curriculum though.



  1. I buy as many inspirational books as I can. The simpler the story line, the better. For young kids, the more colorful, the better. It’s also good to let kids watch inspirational cartoons like Super Book and Flying House.

  2. Following God is a great and simple curriculum. Have been using it for three years now. Glad you enjoyed using it too . Happy homeschooling 🙂

  3. this what my kindergarten use in their school too and I think it’s a good book. The bible stories are told in simple ways for kids to understand and get the moral. 🙂

  4. please send me a copy of a price list of your book FOLLOWING GOD A BIBLE CURRICULUM for preschool levels( nursery to kindergarten 2). Thank you and God bless!

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  6. Evangeline Lazaro says

    Good day.
    May I know if you have books for children ages 3-5? Our church already bought Following God Discovery Series from Grade2-6 two years ago. I just wonder if you could give me details of the books for children ages 3-5.
    Thank you.

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