Outdoor Activities

When we purchased our new sofa set a few months back, we transferred our old sofa outside and made it an outdoor furniture set. The kids wanted it there so that they can sit down while spending time outside of the house. With summer vacation starting for the kids, they do spend more time outside playing.

While summer vacation is here, it is true that they need to have fun but at the same time, whatever they are doing should have value and importance to them. Here are some outdoor activities which are beneficial to the kids:

1. playing sports. it builds sportsmanship and instill discipline in the kids.

2. building forts. this helps foster cooperation and inspire creativity and resourcefulness in the kids.

3. treasure hunting. whether hunting for bugs or other stuff that your kids has recently learned, this wold be a great game which would provide hours of fun and excitement while exploring the resourcefulness of the kids.

4. gardening. this help will children appreciate life more and learn about plants too.

Can you suggest any other outdoor activities which the kids would love?


  1. My daughter is almost 14 months and she just learned how to walk on her own. Every Sunday we go to UP Diliman or Fort Santiago (Intramuros) for picnic and of course, to practice walking 🙂

    Thanks for your great tips!

  2. Outdoor sports and gardening are two activities that me and my brother enjoyed doing together when we were kids. Today though, kids are more engaged in indoor fun like playing electronic gadgets or online games.

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