10 Days of Intentional Parenting – Day 2

I mentioned in my earlier post that I have found a new blog through The 10 Days Series which is organized by iHomeschool Network. Finding Joy is posting about intentional parenting so I joined her 10 day challenge. Read about my first day post here.

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Day 2. The focus for today is the “heart”. We were asked to write a letter to ourself. Write not to impress but to reveal your heart as a mother. We had to limit ourself for 10 minutes in finishing this letter. Here goes…

Dear Chris,

Don’t be upset that you have not cleaned the house or fixed the rooms as neatly as you’d like. Don’t fret because you haven’t been able to find that Language arts or Math curriculum you want for your kids for the next school year. Don’t worry about the money you need to buy the stuff your kids need. What you need is to STOP. Stop looking at the circumstances and have a thankful heart. 

The Lord has greatly blessed you through the years and He has not stopped blessing you with spiritual blessings and even physical blessings. FOCUS on what God wants you to do and not on what YOU CAN’T DO. Turn your eyes on HIM as HE ENABLES YOU to complete his mission for you. 

Your kids love having you around. They want to spend time with you and enjoy  your presence. Don’t let circumstances in your life take the joy away. Do everything with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving. Don’t pressure yourself into becoming a super mom and a super wife! No worries – God will see you through every trial and challenge that you face along the way. 

Pray and keep praying. What you do matters, to the Lord and to your family. 

I am proud of you. Be strong in the Lord!




For activity time, these were the instructions! “You simply trace your hand and have family members write on your hand something they love about you. It allows a time of space in your day where you and your children can intentionally begin to think and describe what they love about the other — it’s their letters of heart to each other and you.”

We had fun doing this activity together and this is our family craft!

It is good to know that the kids enjoy spending time with you and know who you are. Always take the time to search your own heart and share your heart with your family. It builds relationships.

I would like invite you to journey with me for 1o days  on this road of intentional parenting. We can all learn and grow together to become the parents that God has called us to be.



  1. Hi Chris! I was planning on molding my kids’ hands on ceramic clay to hang on the wall. Actually that was before when my kids were tinier but I can’t get hold of a budget for a small project like this. Anyway, I saw this and had an idea. Now I’m thinking of doing all four of our hands on ceramic with those endearing words. Hope we could do this soon 🙂

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