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Music is a great way to express a different side of our personalities. It can allow us to share our innermost emotions without saying a word. That is why I am interested to enroll the kids in music classes. Music classes is something that we are all interested in. My daughter wants to learn to play the piano, my son wants to learn to play the drums. I would also like to learn to play the piano or the keyboard too. Hubby already knows how to play the bass guitar, he probably wants to learn how to control Denon DJ Equipment and try out something new!

Enrolling the whole family would be costly so we thought of ways to study music at home.

We started by studying music theory. There are many resources online which teach the basics of reading music. Learn about the staff, the music bar, the time signature, the notes, the beat, the rests, the flats and the sharps.

Listen and watch videos online which show how to play the different tunes. YouTube has a great wealth of resources for this one.

Train your ear to listen to the different notes or chords. There are many lessons on how to learn to play by ear.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Don’t be afraid to try.

Do you have any other tips in learning about music and playing musical instruments?


  1. we are torn in enrolling our child to ballet vs music school. our daughter loves singing even when she’s very small but now her choice is ballet.

    well see about that in the next coming days… 🙂

  2. Music lessons can be expensive, especially with the whole family. I’m glad you found a way around it. Plus, once you learn, you might be able to teach other kids at an affordable cost while making a bit of money yourself.

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