Ten Great Gifts That Encourage Learning

Educational gifts are important for every stage in a child’s learning and babies to late-teen adolescents can all benefit from receiving presents of this kind. Here are ten of the best.

Gifts for Infants
Soft Toys. Babies learn a huge amount just through seeing, feeling and hearing, which is why soft toys in bright colours with different surface textures are a wonderful toy to help improve your baby’s development.

Push Toys. As your baby gets a little older and starts exploring his or her mobility more, push along toys, like walkers and wagons can be extremely useful. Many of these toys incorporate other educational elements, such as sounds and sights to really stimulate your baby.

Gifts for Toddlers
Musical instruments. As your child grows out of those early infant toys, other types of entertainment can be brought in to provide all the education they need at this stage. Music is now an important part of learning and any type of scaled-down musical instrument could be ideal. For most toddlers, percussion instruments such as miniature drum kits and tambourines are great fun and, if you can deal with the noise, make for the perfect educational gift.

Giant Puzzles. Large, floor-based jigsaw puzzles featuring brightly coloured images are perfect for developing early problem solving skills. These puzzles often feature recognisable characters from books or TV, making the process of solving them even more fun for a toddler.

Gifts for Primary Age Children
Microscope or Telescope. This is the age group in which children are extremely keen to explore and learn everything about the world around them. There is a wide range of first microscopes and telescopes available than can meet and encourage that need to explore. Some of the models even have a talking voice accompaniment for added learning and entertainment.

Construction Kits. There are a huge variety of construction kits on the market, such as LEGO and Meccano and these are available in a variety of ranges to suit children of all ages. These kits usually come with a set of instructions, which can be a great way to help your child develop their concentration and problem solving skills. A completed construction will also provide your child with a fantastic sense of achievement.

Gifts for Pre-Teens and Adolescents
Scale Models. This is the stage at which your child as an early teenager can get involved with smaller model kits and there is a great range out in the market. Trains, cars and boats can all be made using these kits and they are a great learning tool.

Books. At this point in their lives, children are getting most of their leaning from books and it pays to look in your local store or online for the young-reader section. There is a great choice of gift books available and all you need to do is adapt them to your child’s interests.

Personalised Journal. Encouraging your child to write is one of the greatest gifts you can give and at this stage in their life, a diary or journal is a perfect present. By using it every day, they can describe their world and in the future look back at one of the crucial points in their life.

This guest post was written by Francesca, a UK-based freelance writer who enjoys sharing her knowledge of education and parenting through her writing. She writes on behalf of Notting Hill Editions.

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