Life Lessons from The Lion King

While checking out jewelry online, my attention was caught when I heard Mufasa’s voice from our television saying “Remember” to Simba. Now, if you have kids like me, I am sure you know who Mufasa and Simba are. They are the main characters from The Lion King. The Lion King is a Disney movie which came out in 1994. I have loved it when I first saw in the movie theaters and now, almost 20 years later, I am still watching it, this time with my kids.

After watching the movie, my kids and I talked about what happened in the  movie and what we learned.  I realized that there are many life lessons we can learn from this movie.

Face challenges. When challenges come, how do you face them? Do you turn your back on the world or face your responsibilities?

Remember your identity. Stand for what you believe in, no matter what the circumstances and people around you tell you otherwise.

Change is good. But it is never easy.

The past failures may hurt – but you always have a choice, either to learn from it or run from it.

Truly, this movie is one of the Disney movies that I recommend you watch with your little ones.

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