My Daughter’s Thoughts on Books

We are doing a series of posts about books and reading. Today, I invited my 8 year old daughter to write a post about her thoughts on books and reading.

My favorite thing to do with my family is to read books. I have read many chapter books. Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and the Trumpet Of The Swan are my favorite chapter books. Charlotte’s Web was about a little pig called Wilbur and Charlotte ,a grey spider.It was also about how Charlotte saved Wilbur’s life. While Stuart Little is about a small adventurous mouse who lived at the house of a human family. The Trumpet Of The Swan is about a trumpeter swan named Louis who has no voice and used a trumpet.It was about how Louis earned money to pay for the trumpet his father stole.

The Magic Tree House series was fun to read too. Right now we are reading the Magic School Bus series. The Magic School Bus and the Magic Tree House books are all about science. We also had fun reading the Cat In The Hat series by Dr.Seuss, Aesop’s Fables, classics and many more.So far,I have read some books called Little Women, The Little Princess, the Princess And The Kiss, the Squire And The Scroll, the Amelia Bedelia books and the Choose Your Own Adventure series. I had enjoyed reading and wanted to read more. Most of our books came from the Book Sale. Every morning we also read the Bible. I feel like reading has brought our family closer together.


  1. that’s my girl 🙂 just like daddy 🙂

  2. I love this! Kudos to you for integrating homeschooling and creative writing here on the blog, Chris! It’s my desire to do the same one day, with my son!

    Kyla, Charlotte’s Web is also one of my favorite reads!

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