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mommy moments

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Can you find him? Can you see my little boy?

My son loves to make us smile. Intentionally and sometimes, unintentionally, he makes us laugh with his humor and his antics. There are days that he can be hard headed and be in a bad mood, but it is equaled with those days where his happiness and playfulness rubs on everyone at home.

But being a mom is not easy. We all know that the hard days come. When the hard days come,  he really gets on my nerves. I react to the way he is and I lose my temper.  At first, I thought I was just reacting to my son’s misdeeds. But the Lord really has a way of dealing with us. Throughout the weeks and months that followed, God was talking to me and showing me just how selfish I was. I admit, sometimes, I am irked by his misbehavior at home because I feel tired or I judge him unfairly or simply because our personalities don’t match.  When I think about it, it is not what the way I am supposed to be teaching or parenting him at all.

Being together for long periods of time, I have been learning about my son’s strengths and weakness but moreso, I have learned a lot about myself. It is truly humbling to realize that aside from teaching my kids what they need to learn, the time I spend with the kids is really God teaching me through my kids. I learn so many realities about life and if I really want to teach my kids values and character, I need to embody them first.

We have been studying the Bible and character, and I have been seeing all those truths come to life. I have learned to apologize to my kids, to readjust my priorities, to be kind and gentle  to them even when I am tired. It is not an easy task, but by the amazing grace of God, I thank Him that I am able to learn along side with my kids.


  1. I can see your baby boy Marz! Hehehe…

    Being a mother teaches us a lot of lessons in life. I am so happy that I am still learning many things from God through our children and yes, I lose my temper too (most of the time)!

  2. I used to be that way with my first child, unconsciously. I guess I was expecting her to behave all the time and got frustrated when she doesn’t. Then my husband told me one day that I was being too hard on my children, they are children after all. from then on, I realized that I should live the teachings I give my children and that is to be kind, patient, understanding and forgiving. Truly, children teaches us about life.

  3. Learning “to be kind and gentle when I am tired” is something I find difficult to do. I wish to become a better mom to my son, too.

  4. Hi Chris, I’m a new reader. Thank you for hosting Mommy moments! What a great idea! I also agree that we tend to be really exasperated with our kids a lot, but still cannot do without them around us!! :))

  5. This is beautiful, thanks for posting sis!

  6. Learning is not an easy thing to do especially when our kids are really bad 🙁 glad that GOD gives your enough patience to deal with the problem 🙂 May GOD continue to bless you and your family more wonderful Mommy Moments together. Thank you for hosting the Mommy Moments.


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