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I started reading to my kids when they were just babies. I am so glad that now that my daughter is 8 years old, she does love to read and so does my 5 year old son. Books have been part of our daily lives that I can not imagine us not reading together at least once a day. We have gained so many happy memories and learned so many things together through reading.

I believe that we shouldn’t just be reading – but we should be reading quality books. Those books which brings inspiration and insight. I am glad to have found this sort of books locally through OMF Literature. We have been customers of their bookshop for the longest time now. They publish inspirational books and I am so glad that they have books for the kids too. If you are looking for good books to read with your children, check out their Hiyas books. Hiyas is OMF Lit’s imprint for children’s books. The books are categorized by age. They have books for  4–6yrs.; 6–8yrs.; 8–12yrs. The Hiyas books are entertaining but more importantly, they teach Christian values. The books come with very affordable prices. Book’s price range from 65 pesos to 150 pesos.

Here are some of their books for preschool children (ages 6 and under):

Here is a good series for kids to know more about what they can be when they grow up (ages 6 and above):

Oh Mateo! is a  13  part series about a boy named Mateo. It is one of my daughter’s favorite series.  It showcases Mateo’s daily life and the lessons he learn from each situation. The books are written in both Filipino and English so the children will enjoy the story in both languages.

Now here is the good news! OMF is giving away these great books to the readers of The Mommy Journey. We believe that a family who reads together grows together and this is your chance to read these great books!

The giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. Giveaway starts on June 15 until June 22 only!  We will  have 2 winners.  The winners will be chosen via random to win one set of books each person. Join using the rafflecopter below.

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  1. When will this start Chris? Can’t wait! 😀

  2. SALI AKO!!! 🙂

  3. Need to get these for my nephew! 🙂 These books are indeed affordable, but still I want to join your contest. Free is still the best! haha 😀 GOD bless you Chris!

  4. Na-excite ako masyado. Matulog na daw muna ako, hehehe!

  5. Joining, Chris! 🙂 Yey!

  6. christine batiller says

    my fave book is the Holy Bible because It gives the best advice that we all need and It gives us the best lessons in life.
    christine batiller

  7. My favorite book is the Holy Bible because it has the answers to all my concerns. 🙂
    Zendie M. Magistrado,

  8. My favorite book is definitely Harry Potter! But I read inspirational books too.

    Irene Espanola,

  9. Just joined Chris! Meg loves reading too just like me. =) Goodluck and Congrats on your giveaway.

  10. My favorite book is Cather in the Rye. One of the first books I bought with my own money in college.

  11. Hi Ate Chris! My favorite book is the Holy Bible KJV, but I am not into reading that much so I want to train my kid to read while he’s still young, I don’t want him to be like me. Those great books will help me to do so… weee so excited! Hope to win!

    Nina Gamboa

  12. I have soooo many favorite books so I’ll just pick one from my childhood: Tom’s Midnight Garden

  13. i love reading + i just love books, there is hardly one book that stands out, but some of them include the Harry Potter seried, the Shopaholic series + any book written by Mitch Albom + Paulo Coelho or Dan Brown! :D.

  14. So many fave books.. hard to pick just one! Top of mind – The Little Prince 🙂

  15. I love Peter Rabbit! But ever since we met Curious George, that’s our new fave! We have a few books from the Oh Mateo series! very entertaining. =) I’d love to win some of the books here!

  16. My favorite book from my childhood was…..SUPERFUDGE!!! heheheh

  17. Mommy Chris, we love the Hiyas Book series, We only have 2 books now but we enjoy it. I love OMF Literature! We buy our book stuff there in Boni. My favorite books are The Five Love Languages, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Little Prince. 🙂

  18. purpose driven.
    michelle solee

  19. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says

    I love books by Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew books when I was young. Now, I love Robin Cook (medical thriller) and Ann Rule (True Crime) books.

  20. my favorite book is the Holy Bible.

  21. What’s my favorite book. Hmm, I have tons but if I have to pick one it’d be The Dopple Ganger Chronicles by G.P. Taylor!

  22. My fave books are our Love Bible plus romance novels from historic times.

    Cymbelly Marzan

  23. my favorite book is tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom.

  24. Charity Carlos says

    my favorite book is the cup of life sobrang inspiring =)

  25. mary reana says

    my favorite book is men are from mars women are from venus by john gray. Its an eye opening book perfect for trouble marriage..It so happen that it came to me at the right time when I am in trouble marriage situation and i really help me alot. tnx.

  26. My all-time favorite book is Little Women. Waiting for the day that I can have my daughters read it already. 😀

    Janice Lim
    Email: janicelim221(at)gmail(dot)com

  27. Aside from the Bible, one of my many favorite books is “TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST, BUT THOUGH PEOPLE DO” by Robert Schuller. This is one of the books that helped me understand about the bad times I have been through and how I can overcome them all. It is really a nice self-help book. A very good read!

    Ruby Ricafrente

  28. I can’t ever imagine my life without books. One of my favorite books is Tuesdays with Morrie. 🙂 It has so almost all of the most important lessons in life. 🙂 You’ll learn a lot from it.

  29. Rachel Anne Del Rosario says

    My favorite book is The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Thanks for sharing this giveaway .
    Rachel Anne Del Rosario

  30. wow.. we love their books.. joining Mommy Chris..

  31. Favorite book… I have lots, in different age and level that I have been in life. When I was a preschooler, it was “The Seed”. Then there was the time of the Hardy Boys and Nancy drew, then the many different short novels for teens, Sweet Valley High, then Danielle Steel, Stephen King, Amy Tan, then Paolo Coelho and books by other authors.. the current favorite is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I also listen to the audio version as well as watch the video.

    Eleanor Mordeno Aguilar
    mommydharlz (at) darlingaguilar (dot) com

  32. I love The Little Prince so much.

    Mayette Domencil

  33. I love OMF books for my two boys, I’m a fan of the Tito Dok series. The BIBLE is not only my favorite but my life guide. I love how OMF relates God’s word to children and parents through books in colorful image and dual language.

  34. Hi Ate Chris!

    Magkano po yung mga books na yan? Meron po bang online store? Thanks po 🙂

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