What to Do with Used Clothes

When you have babies and young kids at home, I am sure you have tons of used kids clothing which takes up so much space in your cabinets. We need to spend some time de-cluttering and sometimes, we discover ways to help others and even earn from what we see! Our kids grow up so fast that the clothes they left behind sometimes looks hardly worn at all! That is why if you are on a tight budget, you can actually sell your previously loved kids clothing to free up closet space and actually earn a couple of hundreds.

Here are some steps which can help you get organized:
– Sort the used clothing according to their state. Group together those which are worn out, worn and hardly worn.
– Decide what you want to do with the worn out clothes. Some use the clothes as part of recyclable products.
– The worn but still nice clothes can be shared to orphanages and relief operations.
– The hardly worn clothes can either be sold again thru a garage sale or online. It is important to note any problems (i.e. missing buttons) so you price the clothes accordingly.

Whether you decide to give the clothes away or sell them again, both can be very rewarding experiences. And what is important is that you were able to clean out the closet too!

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