When I was a kid, I didn’t like Science. Not one bit. I didn’t like the hands-on experiments and making hypothesis and conclusions about something. But my kids are different from me, especially my daughter. She loves making experiments and she loves Science! In fact, it is one of her favorite subjects along with history and the Bible.

Because we are homeschooling, we can opt not to do certain activities but because my daughter looks forward to these activities, I have to support her love for learning even if it is not my strength nor my passion. We have already made several projects this school year. One of them includes making a light hut where they can grow plants and herbs. They were also asked to grow herbs so that they can make soaps using the herbs. Making something fragrant like a creed perfume is also included in the list.

As adults, we might dismiss these experiments and deem them as activities which has no value but in reality, the kids learn more when they get to experience something than just merely reading about them in books. So I encourage the homeschoolers out there to continue experimenting and trying out something new with the family. Aside from the knowledge, it does bring hours of endless fun for your kids.


  1. hi, chris! i hope you post some pictures of your experiments. appreciate your sharing about your HSing days …

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