Homeschool Help: Choosing School and Curriculum

For the past months, I have received several emails asking me where I buy our homeschool curriculum and where we have enrolled for accreditation. I have mentioned in one of my posts a few weeks ago that for this school year, we have enrolled again with The Master’s Academy Homeschool. The Master’s Academy or TMA is located in Ortigas and you can check out their webpage for more information about them. The main reason we chose to enroll with them is because we (including the kids) like their system. I think the quarterly portfolio reviews are helpful to the kids as they are able to present their work to other adults. They also offer training for parents and other support services. You can check out my previous post about other homeschool providers in the Philippines as well.

As for the curriculum, TMA provides a list of recommended curriculum which you can use. When we were just starting to homeschool, I used curriculum from their lists. But as we are entering our third year of homeschooling and after doing much research, I have opted to use other curriculum this year.

Here are some tips on choosing curriculum for your kids:

1. Know the learning style of your children. Some needs hands-on approach, while other needs more visuals. Others can be auditory learners and would learn faster through songs. It would be easier to know which curriculum would fit your child if you know their preferred learning style.

2. Read reviews from other homeschool moms. There are many homeschool mom bloggers out there so it would be best to follow those you trust and have been following for quite some time now. Most probably, you share the same ideologies about homeschooling.

3. Look for previously owned materials available online since that would be cheaper. Make sure they are safe sites, and check if they have secure payments like icverify on their site.

4. If ¬†a curriculum doesn’t fit with my child, don’t force the child. Instead, try to find one that suits them better or supplement what you currently have.

Remember, homeschooling is not about the choosing the best curriculum but finding a curriculum that works best with your child.


  1. This is such a great post. I love the way you wrap it all up…you are open, honest and humble…..I have subscribed to have your posts sent directly to my email….thank you for always stopping by and being patient as I find your sweet blog one true source of inspiration!

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