Life Skills

As my children grow up, I intend not just to teach them academic skills but also some life skills which they would need as adults. There are several life skills that everyone needs to learn as they grow up.

One of the life skills which I think is truly important is swimming. I don’t know how to swim so I don’t want my kids to grow up without knowing this skill. We enrolled my daughter in a swimming class a few years ago but she didn’t fully submerge her body so I think we still need to enroll her again at a swimming class this coming summer along with my son. Hopefully, after the classes, they both will be certified swimmers.

Another life skill would be to do simple repairs. One of the simple repair is sewing. A few weeks ago, I found my old cross stitch kits and taught my daughter to sew simple patterns. It was truly interesting to pass on my patterns but more importantly, I am teaching her how to mend.

When my son grows up, I think he needs to learn how to do simple house repair jobs. Maybe we would get him a plumbers kit or leather repair kits. He is already showing interests in gardening chores, hopefully, he will continue to work on them as he grows up.

Lastly, cooking is something I learned just a few years back but definitely it should be something that everyone should learn. We are already teaching the basics to my daughter, like using the rice cooker or using the cooking pots to cook rice. Simple frying and cooking basic dishes is where we are starting this year.

What other life skills do you think we should learn?


  1. Hi Chris. I agree that we should teach our kids life skills that would help them as they grow up. For me, some of the really important ones are learning how to do house chores, then there’s handling money and also entrepreneurial skills. Nice post.

  2. Teaching life skills to our kids is one of the main reasons why I would want to homeschool them. Mommy Chris, swimming skills is also a priority in my list for the same reason that I am also not a swimmer. Other skills are doing house chores, sewing simple dresses, (My mother used to make matching outfits for us when I was small & I was so frustrated that we did not have sufficient time for me to learn it from her), financial skills, playing a sport & a musical instrument.

  3. I agree with the importance of knowing how to swim that’s why I enrolled my kids to swimming lessons this year. Other life skills are doing household chores like cooking and cleaning the house. For kids, we can start them on meal preparation and fixing their bed in the morning.

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