Welch’s Grape Juice

When I was invited to taste the Welch’s Grape Juice a few weeks ago, I didn’t hesitate at all because Welch’s was a family favorite. Whenever I hear Welch’s grape juice, I associate it with childhood memories that it brings. Whenever we had grape juice at home, it wold always be Welch’s.

I am sure you didn’t know that Welch’s has a rich history. It started in 1869, when when physician and pastor Thomas Bramwell Welch processed the first bottles of “unfermented wine” to use during their church’s communion service. They used concord grapes which contains the antioxidant vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system. Every 8-oz. glass of delicious juice serves up 2 servings of fruit!

What I really love about this product is that it contains no preservatives and no sugar added. It is 100% juice product!

Did you notice the words ” family farmer owned”? The National Grape Cooperative Association, Inc. acquired Welch’s in 1952.  The National Grape is a grower-owned agricultural cooperative,and is comprised of 1,150 grape growers with farms throughout Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Ontario, Canada. It focuses on producing and delivering premium-quality grapes, while Welch’s converts the grapes into the delicious products they are known for! Now, isn’t that  great?  The farmers who take care of the vineyard are part owners of the company itself.  We can be sure of the quality and integrity behind the brand.

The grape juice comes in all sizes! Perfect for the whole family.

Of course, the final test would be if the kids would like it. And I’m glad my son does!


Welch’s products are available at :

SM Supermarkets
SM Hypermarkets
Save More
Robinsons Supermarkets
Puregold Supermarkets
Cash and Carry
Makati Supermarket
Tropical Hut
Rustans Express Lanes
Mercury Drug Outlets
Cherry Supermarkets
South Supermarkets
Ever Supermarkets
Iloilo Supermarket
Gaisano Outlets
Market Market
Pioneer Centre
Sta. Lucia
Super 8
White Gold
Ace Champion
Park and Shop

For more information, check out Welch’s in Facebook.


  1. same here, we love that brand. though, imported items’ a little steep a price:)

    bloghopping here…hope ul find time to visit mine 🙂 TIA

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